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Surg Techs~Looking for a Position???~
February 21, 2009


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I get emails on a regualr basis from students, recent grads, and even certified techs who have been out of school for a while who all seem to be either looking for a surgical tech position OR are concerned that they won't be able to find a position because of a saturation of surgical techs in the market.

AND to be quite honest, this is a very ligitimate concern.

HOWEVER, its not just the surgical tech world that might be very competitive and appear to be saturated with new grads.

It happens in a lot of career related fields out there.

But if you focus on what "they" are telling you about this field or you have stopped looking because of a few no's, hopefully this newsletter will rekindle that fire to keep on keeping on.

You know, one of my favorite classes I teach to surgical techs is Career Readiness.

I love preparing new ST minds with a game plan and a little motivation to get out there and find their first position.

And here for you is a TOP 10 list to help you prepare a little game plan:

1 - Prepare a professional resume

2- Prepare a professional cover letter

3- Get on-line and research ST positions daily

4- Send out your resumes & cover letters via mail, email, or fax.

5 - Follow up on a weekly basis

6 - If you're not getting a response, revamp the resume or cover letter

7 - Keep your contact info current

8 - Make sure you include every avenue of contact info you have, i.e., email, cell phone, home phone, fax, etc

9 - Don't just rely on internet communication, get out there and deliver your info in person

10 - Remember two very important points: 1)You are selling your professional skills & you are a walking business card when you approach a potential employer. 2) NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Listen, all of the na-sayers who aren't looking anymore or dropped out of school because of something they heard about the saturation of ST's in the market should motivate you because they are one less person you have to compete with.

Now I know I make this sound so easy, but the reality of this field -esp based on today's economy- is that it is very competitive.

That's the bottom line.

Sometimes it might seem to be impossible to get your foot in a door because of lack of experience or no available positions.

But if this is something you really want to do, you cannot give up!

You know, I've coached quite a few people into their very first position with absolutely no experience.

AND, aside from my coaching experience, I've personally never been involuntarily unemployed since I graduated from surgical tech school.

Now I'm not bragging, and it hasn't always been easy, but what I say here is true.

If you find yourself in an area where there's only one surgical facility, maybe its time to move down the road a bit and keep looking.

There are surgical tech positions out there waiting to be filled.

It's up to you to get out there, pound the pavement a little, and get your foot in the door.

Don't let anything or anybody keep you from accomplishing everything God has in store for you.

AND if you really want to get my detailed game-plan for finding a surgical tech position, the Surgical Tech Success Handbook is loaded with detailed information on finding employment.

Take a look at it today:

Stay positive, ask questions, study hard, keep learning, and pray. That's the solid foundation to build from and work your way into becoming the best you can be.

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST


Surgical Tech Success Handbook:



For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)



~Give Me A Break!


You only get one chance to make a first impression~

Interview Tip:

Prepare everything the night before, i.e., your clothes, resume, gas in the car, directions to the employer, etc.

Arrive early.

Greet emloyer with a handshake & your full name.

Believe in your mind that you got the job!

Remember you can if you think you can and you will if you think you will......

Hit me with your give me a break comment here:



~Quick Reminders~




A F'R'E.E' job searching tool here:

AND here

-- look for the following link: "Get a free career assessment and find local jobs. Get recruited by the company of your dreams"


Surgical Tech Success Handbook

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