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Surg Tech's & BAD Attitudes - SurgicalTechSuccess
October 27, 2006


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~Give Me A Break!

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Recently I received an emotional, rather negative, e-mail from a student.

Actually the content of this negative e-mail from this particular student had been mentioned by other surgical tech students and also by surgical techs working out in the field.

As many of you know, I tend to be "Mr Positive". :)

I mean afterall, my website and the handbook I wrote is all about success and motivation. ( )

HOWEVER, I also speak the truth and sometimes the truth about the O.R. may have a negative spin.

The negative email I received and the negative spin I'm speaking of are about the negative attitudes in the O.R. specifially directed at surgical techs.

I know for a fact that many of you who are working in the O.R. right now can relate and many of the Surg-tech students out there may be able to relate to the negative attitudes I'm referring to also.

The student who wrote to me was contemplating giving up on their surgical tech career because of an incident they had with an O.R. RN.

Apparently the surg-tech student asked the RN what her opinion was of Surgical Techs and the RN said she didn't like surgical techs and preferred to work with RN's as scrubs.


~Ok, ok, ok Robert just settle down here~ We are all entitled to an opinion...

Listen, the fact is, there are going to be O.R. professionals out there who don't like the Surgical Tech position.

There are going to be O.R. professionals out there who get all "hung-up" on the "I have a ___(fill in blank)___ & you don't"... or "I'm a ___ and you're not"..., etc.

There are going to be O.R. professionals out there who believe Surgical Techs are not as educated in surgery as some of the other O.R. professionals.

There are going to be (and this one really kills me) O.R. professionals out there who are going to judge you no matter how educated, smart, skilled, or professional you may be.

There are going to be O.R. professionals out there who just don't like you - period!

WHY? - You may be asking yourself are there people like this in the O.R.

Well, it's not just in the O.R., it's really in every profession out there.

You see, sometimes you will run into people who just don't like you for one reason or another.

That's life~

An unfortunate, yet realistic, part of working in surgery is that there are people out there who get caught up with "power struggles" and the "I have's" or "You're not's".

These are the unhappy, insecure, "power-tripping" O.R. professionals who will try to make your life as a surgical tech miserable.

Believe me, I've worked with RN's, MD's, PA's, etc., who just did not like me because I was not "one of them".

They saw me as "just a tech" and they treated me as such.

AND early in my career I would rebel and give them the attitude right back, only to create more friction, tension, and turmoil in the room, ultimately making it harder on myself.

But, as time went on and my "Surgical Wisdom" grew, I learned to deal more effectively with these types of negative O.R. professionals.

It seem that many of the RN's, MD's, PA's, etc., who may have been giving me a hard time where just unhappy-burned out-O.R. professionals.

OR they were so new to the O.R. they'd be super stressed out trying to make sure they got everything right and ulitimately take it out on the scrub....

Hey, sometimes it's just not fair how ST's are treated~

HOWEVER, you can make a difference and prevent or avoid the negative influences you will run into at some point.

Here are a few pointers: (**Keep in mind that there are plenty of helpful, supportive, and encouraging O.R. professionals out there who will be willing to help you from day 1)

1) Don't Argue during the case -- If you have an issue with any of your team members, bring it up after the case in a professional and neutral zone

2) Don't get defensive -- If you feel "attacked" or disrespected during a case, "let it ride" and try to talk about it after the case.

3) Cover your rear -- make sure you know what you're doing, have everything on the preference cards - anything extra you can think of, and prepare yourself for anything "just in case"

4) Smile & remain cool -- if one of the O.R. professionals is getting on your case, just be cool, smile, and be the "bigger" professional.

5) Believe in yourself -- you are a vital part of the O.R. team. Your education & training as an ST is just as valuable as any other member of your team. Believe in your education, skills and experience.

Listen, not everyone in the O.R. is always going to like you.

I use to tell some of the nurses who were just meeting me, and gave me an instant attitude, that once they got to know me, they'd like me.

The usual response I'd get was "I doubt it"...

AND I was fine with that because I would always prove them wrong (well, maybe not always, but often :)

Let your performance as a surgical tech speak for itself!

Get the experience and knowledge you need to be the best.

Personality issues are going to be present everywhere and anywhere.

Don't make the O.R. a fighting ground with the personalities who just aren't happy.

Take the high road and in the end you'll be a happier, more friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled Surgical Tech.

Read more about the O.R. attitudes in the Surgical Tech Success Handbook today.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime, I am always here to help you in any way possible~

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST


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Stop judging others, and you will not be judged. For others will treat you as you treat them... Matthew 7:1-2 (Life Application Study Bible)



~Educator Recognized~

This is AWESOME!

A surgical tech student sent this in to me and I think it's great!

~"An Educator Shines"~

read all about it here:

or here



~Give Me A Break!


This week's give me a break segment comes from this newsletter.

You know something, it's really sad for an O.R. professional to treat anyone on the team as "less than".

Give me a break!!!

If you're not happy with your career choice, CHOOSE something else.

It's quite simple.

If you are truly so unhappy working in the O.R. or around a surgical environment and you express yourself by making life miserable or difficult for any of the other O.R. professionals, MAYBE YOU NEED A VACATION or a new profession.

I've seen the burn out syndrome and I've experienced it at one point or another in my career.

It's not a good feeling and sometimes you just need a little break to regroup.

Listen, treat your co-workers & peers with the professional respect we all deserve.

We have all been new at some point in the O.R. and we have all had to get the required experience it takes to become more proficient.

SO, give me a break, give the newbies a break, give anybody you might be taking your unhappiness out on a break and smile a little.

Life really is too short to be unhappy with something (your job) that occupies most of the hours of every day God blesses you with.



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