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Surgical Techs CERTIFICATION top 10 tips - SurgicalTechSuccess
June 08, 2006


In today's Newsletter:

~AST National Surgical Technologist Conference "ReCap"

~Top 10 Tips for Taking your Certification Exam

~Quick Reminders~




This is just a quick recap of last week's AST National Conference.

As many of you know, it was the first National Conference I have personally attended, AND I must say, I'm hooked.

The energy, enthusiasm, support, and motivation that filled the air every sinlge day was absoulutley incredible.

From honoring the educator of the year -Ms Karen Chambers, CST-ACLS, Director, Long Island University ( to celebrating the growth of our Surgical Technology profession, the information covered and shared was outstanding.

If you've never attended an AST National Conference, try to make plans for next years conference in New Orleans. I'll be there (hopefully as a speaker) and I'd love to meet you personally.

Over the next few weeks I will be sending you information and resources I learned about during last week's conference in Vegas.

It's really hard to describe the feeling of POSITIVITY and the level of surgical professionalism I left Vegas with last week, but I will relay as much of this great feeling to you over the next few weeks.

I would also like to take a moment to thank all of the educators, students, working surgical tech's, and other surgical professionals who greeted me last week with a smile and gesture of thanks for providing the service I provide on

It has been my pleasure and professional goal to provide and continue to improve the bank of information and resources I make available to Surgical Techs on all levels nationwide.

Thank you once again for your time and your continued support AND as I mentioned last week, STAY TUNED....


Top 10 Tips for Taking the Certification Exam


Recently I've been getting a lot of emails from students who have recently graduated or are getting ready to graduate and are preparing themselves for the Certification Exam.

The main question is how did I prepare for the certification exam.

My technique is one that has always worked for me BUT remember I've been working in this profession for a long, long, long time. The reason I mention that is because my experience has always helped me to re-certify.

You will need to think about what works best for you and go from there. I'm simply providing you a "template" to work with here~

Now, that being said, I would encourage you to keep your CE's up to date once you become certified so you don't have to re-certify every 4 years via taking the exam.

The exam is not extremely easy and it's probably best to test just before you graduate or shortly after you graduate.

By the way, you are eligible to take the CST exam one month prior to graduating from a CAAHEP Surgical Technologist program. Check with your educators for all of the details.

Ok, here's the technique & top 10 tips I used to certify AND re-certify:

1) I purchased a CST exam Study Guide.

2) I went over the entire study guide at least one time.

3) I set specific days and times to study AT LEAST one week prior to my scheduled test date.

4) After I reviewed the entire study guide, I went through each and every practice exam in the study guide at least one time every single day.

5) The day before the exam, I briefly reviewed any notes I may have taken while using the study guide, reviewed any practice questions that may have been giving me problems during the week of study, and then put the books down.

6) The night before the certification exam, I put all study info away and let my brain digest the information I studied for all week long.

7) I made sure I gave myself at least 6 - 8 hours of sleep time.

8) As I fell asleep the night before my exam, I visualized myself passing the certification exam and receiving the "YOU PASSED" notice after the test.

9) Upon waking, I re-affirmed to myself that I will pass this exam, I know what it takes to pass, I will pass this exam. I repeated #8 & # 9 on my way to the testing facility.

10) Upon arriving EARLY at the testing site, I got out of my truck, took a deep breath as I got in a "good morning stretch" and proceeded to take the exam.

I'm sure you can figure out the rest. I have never failed a certification test since my first CST exam in 1990.

Whatever you do, do not wait until the last minute to study.

Form a study group, use flashcards, follow the study guidelins in your study guide, and use the best techniques that work for you when it comes to test taking.

Hey, some Surgical Techs are awesome in the O.R. but get all choked up during an exam.

Just relax and belive in your education and yourself!

Work on good study habits and I'm sure you will do just fine.

Whatever you do, DO NOT THINK ABOUT "What if I don't pass..??.."

Eliminate any negative thoughts and tell your brain that "I GOT THIS!"

FOR a list of CST Study guides, go to:

and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In my opinion the top 2 study guides are:

1) - Complete Review of Surgical Technology second edition (Emily Rogers is an author on this study guide, and if any of you know who Ms Rogers is, you know this guide is excellent!)

2) - Study Guide for Surgical Technologists Exam

AND I've also heard positive comments about Appleton & Lange Review for the Surgical Technology Examination.

Again, you will find all of these study guides here:

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns~

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

p.s. SEE why the Surgical Tech Success Handbook continues to be a Number One source of motivation, inspiration, and resource guide for Surgical Technologists on all levels.

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“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle, Greek philosopher



~Quick Reminders~


The response to our new "Traveler's Page" has been outstanding!

For Surgical Tech's interested in traveling, take a look here:

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If you haven't taken a look recently, the number of surgically related news articles & resources is growing.

This page has a ton of information. AND we continually add more...

Take a look at our Surgery News page and let me know what you think...

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