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June 20, 2006


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I'm on the road, writing to you from a Hotel room in Greensboro, NC.

Today I must say that I really got a little positive "charge" in my system.

This morning I gave a presentation at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, NC to a fine group of New Surgical Tech students as part of their Surgical Tech School Orientation.

First of all, my hats are off to Mr Tony Makin and his staff. Their ST School is impressive and the process to get admitted to the program is quite thorough. Not to mention they treated me EXTREMELY WELL!

Anyway, the reason I got a little "charge" in my system is because this group of new students really reminded me how it feels to just be starting in Surgical Technology and I could honestly sense the excitement, motivation, and energy from these students.

Listen, if you're a veteran in this field and have lost a little motivation or excitement, think back to when you just got started.

Remember those days when everything was still new, fresh, and exciting.

If you're a current student, don't lost the energy you have now. Rather, embrace it, keep it going, and do not let your motivation fade.

It's only normal to lose a little motivation about something once we start getting use to it or realize we have to constantly work to stay on top of our game.

My excitement level about speaking this morning started to sky rocket when these new students started asking me questions about working in the O.R., how to advance a Surgical Tech Career, what it's like working with surgeons, etc.

I'll tell you this, it's really quite motivational for me to realize that I have the experience and knowledge to share with people who are just getting into this field.

Motivation is a key ingredient to succeed as a working surgical tech, student, educator, traveler, etc.

If you lose your motivation, what's the point???

There are ways to "re-boost" the level of motivation you once had though.

Simply start thinking about something as simple as where you can go in this career field.

I realize that most people start a new job in the O.R., get a little comfortable, and stop trying to move forward.

Hey, if this is you and your happy, more power to you.

BUT if you're in the world of Surgical Technology at ANY level, really take a moment to look at all of the different professionals in and around our surgical world.

Really do take a moment and think about the incredible opportunities in and around what we do every single day.

If you're a working tech in an operating room and you feel like you're getting burned out, change something. Try a different service, look at the other professions in and around the O.R., think about utilizing your knowledge as an educator or preceptor.

If you're an educator and feeling somewhat strained, find a facility to scrub a day or two every now and then.

If you're a current student, just keep working and moving forward. A career in Surgical Technology is a process. You have to push yourself a little to get through step one (ST School) and then things will start to appear much different.

I really don't want to sit here and preach, sounding like I'm telling everybody what to do.

It's just that sometimes we need to see a little excitement in others about this field to realize we really are in a Unique & Specialized Profession.

Don't lose sight of that on any level!

Thank you to the Guilford Technical Community College Surgical Tech School student orientation attendee's for giving me a nice "jolt" of positive reinforcement today.

As I stated this morning, the SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

Oh yeah, if you want to see the details of today's presentation I did, go to:

Thanks again to Tony Makin, CST, BS, Department Chair for Surgical Technology, GTCC, for inviting me to present to your students.

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

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