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August 07, 2006


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~Surgical Tech's "SIXTH SENSE"

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The Surgical Tech's "Sixth Sense" -- Do you have it?

We all know about our basic senses, taste - smell - touch - etc, but do you know much about your "Sixth Sense?"

Your "Surgical Sixth Sense" is something you can (and will) develop over time in the Operating Room.

Some people call it intuition, but in surgery it is better known as ANTICIPATION.

Yep, Anticipation is a big part of your "surgical sixth sense".

How do you develop it???

Well, as you gain experience and start to get more comfortable in the O.R. you will begin to learn what a surgeon will need before they even ask for it, mix this with a little common sense, and there you have it - the "Surgical Sixth Sense".

If you're experienced already and a verteran in the O.R. I'm going to share with you my technique to really hone your sixth sense.

It's quite simple and all you really need to do is pay attention, use a little common sense, and think about what the surgeon is doing.

Here's how I developed my surgical sixth sense.

I would simply watch what the surgeon is doing, paying attention to everything, and think to myself - "What would I use next?"

That's it~

Like I said, it really is very simple.

You see, if you pay attention to what's happening on the field, use a little common sense by thinking about the next logical step, you will start developing your sixth sense to such a degree that soon you'll have the next two or three steps ready before the surgeon asks for them.

It's a great feeling to be able to anticipate what the surgeon will use and have it in their hand before they can even get the words out.

Believe me, surgeons notice this too.

You'll also be amazed how you're surgical sixth sense will carry over to your life outside of the O.R.

Here's an example of my sixth sense in action outside of the O.R.

Yesterday I was running the video camera for our Pastor's message at Church.

It was a challenging shoot because he happen to have a very exciting message and he was bouncing back and forth all over the stage.

Well, if any of you out there have ever tried to video tape a moving target while making everything look smooth, you can appreciate how difficult this was.

BUT, I caught myself anticipating his next move on stage and I thought about how well developed my sixth sense/intuition/anticipation had been developed all due to my surgical tech career.

I found that I was able to smoothly move the video camera while following my pastor on stage, anticipating each of his next moves, and the end result was terrific.

Believe me, your surgical sixth sense will develop over time and chances are you might not even notice it.

If you're not at the level of being able to anticipate future moves of a surgeon, start working on your sixth sense by watching and thinking about what you'd use or what the next most "common sense" instrument or step will be.

You might not always be right but as time goes on you'll get better and your surgical sixth sense will start to develop quite nicely.

If any of you out there have any suggestions or comments about how the "newbies" can develop their sixth sense, OR if you'd like to share a "Surgical Tech Sixth Sense" story, drop me a line and I'll put your story in a future newsletter.

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Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

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“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein, physicist



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It is also registered with the Library of Congress.

The reason I mention this is partly due to the fact that recently I received a request from an educator asking for permission to make several copies of the handbook to pass it out to each of the educators students.

This was not a big deal since the educator had the courtesy to inquire about copying (which, of course was not permitted) and as you can all understand, copying the handbook for any type of distribution is prohibited.

ALSO, earlier this year, we received an e-mail from a Surgical Tech Student asking me questions about the Surgical Tech Success Handbook. This particular student inadvertently made me aware of the fact that they had received an unauthorized copy from somebody who bought the e-book version and made several copies.

Well, needless to say, we followed up with this incident and it was true. I can't discuss further details of this particular incident due to the "legalities" involved.

The bottom line is to remind you that the Surgical Tech Success Handbook is copyrighted & registered. Please do not make unauthorized copies.

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