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February 28, 2006


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~Advancing Your Surgical Tech Career~

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~Advancing Your Career~

Want to know one of the most often used techniques on "How to Advance Your Surgical Tech Career"?

This technique has been proven to advance thousands of careers worldwide, works in nearly every professional career field you can think of, and is one of the easiest career advancement tools available to you at absolutely, positively no cost.

The thing that makes this technique work better for Surgical Techs than most other career fields is partly due to the amount of available resources you have (or will have if you're a student) in and around the operating room.

Are you ready for this...

Here it is.....

An unbelievably simple technique that you can actually start using with one simple word:

It's called:


Yep, one of the easiest techniques used by people every single day in almost every single professional field.


AND, as I just mentioned, you can start networking with one simple word: "Hello"

It really is that easy to start networking. A simple "hello" or "good morning" can ultimately start a professional relationship and is definitely the first step in starting the "Networking Process".

Ever hear the old saying "It's not what you know...but WHO you know..."

Well, although knowledge is EXTREMELY important in the O.R., for the most part that statement is true.

If you want to advance your career in surgery, start networking with the other professionals you work with and are exposed to every day you're in surgery.

There have been many times in my career when I was offered a job from somebody I met in the operating room by simply having a brief conversation with them.

Sometimes it was a surgeon offering me per-diem private office scrub - work, sometimes it was a sales rep offering me a position as an assistant, sometimes it may have even been a manager from central supply or the instrument room informing me about recent openings, sometimes it was one of the monitoring techs offering me an introduction to their boss,..etc.

You see, networking can be as simple as saying hello to one of the doc's who freelances with private scrubs.

Networking can be something as simple as asking the suture rep for a business card.

Networking can also involve the simple act of speaking with another professional in the O.R. who is doing something that may interest you.

Listen, if you really want to advance your career, you have to actively work on it! You have to develop a plan or at least have an idea of where you want to go with your professional career.

Networking with the professionals you'll be exposed to every day will give you an idea of which direction you might want to take.

Even if you're still in school, it's never too early to start networking.

Maybe you're doing clinicals in a place where you'd really like to work after surgical tech school. OK then, network with the charge nurse or O.R. director by simply introducing yourself and saying hello.

Then, once you graduate, that particular person who may have the power to hire you might just remember how you were one of the "more personable & knowledgeable" students.

It's really amazing the type of impression we can leave with people through a little networking.

I was doing a little networking in a professional forum on-line and met another Surgical Tech with a similar background.

Well, he and I became friends and aside from making a good friend, he has been an excellent professional resource for myself and

My point is really quite short and simple:

Networking is an important career advancement tool!

Network with other professionals and you'll see doors of opportunity start to open, probably in areas you never even gave much thought to in the past.

Listen, I know for a fact that NetWorking works. I've used it with great success and I know many others who have too.

If you have used any type of networking to further your professional career, I'd love to hear about it. Just drop me a line by replying to this newsletter or submitting through my site:

Thank you once again for your time and your continued support!

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince


On the Road of Life, when you come to a fork in the road, always take the high road. ~Tony Makin




****THERE ARE some FRE'E Bonuses below, FRE'E****

**** AND, more job postings~

Newsletter subscribers only: Order the printed hardcopy edition of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook, bonus material will be included!


****~FRE'E Surgical Tech Resume Section~****

Recently I've been receiving quite a few requests to help Surgical Techs with their resumes.

SO, I thought I give my newsletter subscribers a gift.

I have set up Section 9 of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook

- "Your Resume" -

as a FRE'E DOWNLOAD for my newsletter subscribers only.

This section includes a sample resume, tips, and resources for winning resume writing.

Here's the download page for your fre'e copy:


~Quick Reminders~

The fre'e Questions, Answers, TIps, & Resource ebook is still available for newsletter subscribers here:

For newsletter subscribers only:

If you would like to order the printed hardcopy edition of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook , I will include the bonus material that normally only comes with the complete eBook Package.




Surgical Technologist Instructor

PLATT COLLEGE, 309 S. Ann Arbor,Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Seeking energetic professional for immediate F/T opening to instruct & monitor students in all areas of the program. Must have 3+ years current O.R. experience, and AST Certified or eligible. Great environment, structured hours. 401K/benefits package/salary.


Terri Taylor -

Fax (405) 943-2150 or call (405) 946-7799

PLATT COLLEGE, 309 S. Ann Arbor,Oklahoma City, OK 73128


Women & Children's Hospital

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Immediate opening for two (2) full-time certified scrub techs.

We offer competitive salaries based upon experience and sign on bonus.

A $15.2M construction project will begin within the next week that will expand the Surgery and Day Surgery departments.


Bill Willis -


Surgical Technology Instructors

Location: Eagan, MN



About out company: Rasmussen College Inc. is a regionally accredited school with five locations across Minnesota with corporate offices in Mpls, Orlando, and Chicago. Rasmussen College was founded in 1900 by Walter Rasmussen to meet the needs of businesses in St. Paul, Minnesota. By concentrating on career-focused education, the college was able to immediately place graduates into jobs in the community, benefiting both employer and graduate.

Rasmussen College prides itself on providing excellence in education and world-class service to our students. Our programs educate students and arm them with the real-world skills they need to improve their lives. We couple this education with initial and ongoing career placement support services allowing students to put their education to work. Simply put, our approach to education prepares Rasmussen graduates for the realities they encounter in the workplace today, as well as the changes they will encounter tomorrow.

Stephanie Goldman Director of Employee Recruitment Rasmussen College, Inc. (630) 366-2932 phone (630) 366-2803 fax

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