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May 05, 2006


In today's Newsletter:

And the Winners are...



First of all I'd like to thank everybody who participated in the "Cinco de Mayo Surgical Tech Success Handbook giveaway"

The response from individuals AND Surgical Tech schools was incredible!

But I won't bore you with all of the stats and entry details because I'm sure you're waiting to see if you've won....

One thing I will mention is, due to the HUGE amount of entries, I decided to giveaway an additional 5 copies of the entire Surgical Tech Success Handbook package on CD AND I decided to randomly select 4 Surgical Tech Schools to receive a copy of the printed handbook for each current student.

I'd like to give everybody a fre'e copy, but my accountant would probably shoot me ~ LOL ~ :)

OK then, here we go:

The individual 5 winners of the signed printed edition are:

1) Jewel Copeland - Massachusettes

2) Jennifer McMahon - Michigan

3) Toni Walterman - California

4) Max Miller - Minnesota

5) Alan Marasigan - New York

The -10- STSH package winners on CD are:

1) Robert Pitts - Maryland

2) ALBINO ROMERO - California

3) Steven Ferenc - Michigan

4) Linee DeMouy - Maryland

5) Don Groner - Nevada

6) Sandra Marmolejo - New York

7) Curtis O'Rear - Missouri

8) Joanne Jackson - North Carolina

9) Adrian Konoval - Texas

10) Heather Wright - Oklahoma

AND the 4 Surgical Tech Schools drawn are:

1) Prairie State College - Chicago Heights, Illinois

2) Lurleen B. Wallace Community College - Opp, Alabama

3) Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Rock Island, Illinois

4) Tennessee Technology Center @ Murfreesboro - Murfreesboro, TN

All winning entries will also be notified via e-mail and can expect to receive your selected Handbook by the end of next week.

AND please do me a huge favor, if you are out celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight, please be very careful.

We all know how drinking and driving do not mix, I mean after all, you certainly don't want to be in the supine position on your local O.R. table... :)

Congrats to all selected entries and have a SUPER WEEKEND!

Thank you once again for your time and your continued support!

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST, Founder & CEO

p.s. SEE why the Surgical Tech Success Handbook continues to be a Number One source of motivation, inspiration, and resource guide for Surgical Technologists on all levels.

Take a look here:

And don't forget, you can order any of our books as individual items here:



"The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen."- Roy Moody



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