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Surgical Tech Dreams -MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT- SurgicalTechSuccess
September 29, 2006


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~Dreams, Decisions, Deadlines~

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Dreams, Decisions, & Deadlines...hmmm, what could this possibly have to do with Surgical Technology?

Well, you are going to love this one :)

No matter what level you're at right now - - Student, Educator, Working ST, Potential Student, etc., this newsletter is for EVERYBODY!

Surgical Tech's & O.R. professionals on all levels have dreams but very often don't know exactly what to do in order for those dreams to come true.

The formula for "Dream - Making" is really quite simple:

Dreams = Decisions + Deadlines

Could it possibly be any easier?

You might be asking yourself why I am bringing this kind of stuff up...??..

It's really because many of us tend to lose site of our dreams due to our decisions or lack of decisions and not having any deadlines.

If you want to be successful in the operating room, I'm going to tell you something that most educators & O.R. professionals will never "professionally advise" you to do: DREAM A LITTLE!


Hey, maybe you're thinking about going to surgical tech school because you have always dreamed of working in the medical field, especially in the O.R.~

Maybe you're in surgical tech school right now and you've always dreamed of becoming a surgeon one day~

Maybe you're working in the field as an educator or scrub and you've always dreamed of getting into another specialty or service, or becoming a First Assitant, RN, MD, etc.~

What's stopping your dream from coming true?

I can tell you that most dreams are fizzled or die because of a lack of combining a decision with a deadline.

Most dreams are often put on the back burner because of one of the most common emotions, -FEAR-

Listen, dream a little, make a decision, set a deadline, and GO FOR IT!

Stop finding excuses to add yet another unfulfilled dream to your list of "should haves". Life really is too short to give up on your dreams.

Do you want to become a Surgical Tech? -- Then make a decision and get the ball rolling today. Contact the ST schools in your area and get moving.

Do you want to advance your current ST position? -- Then make a decision to become a First Assistant, RN, PA, MD, Certified, whatever it is you dream of doing -- AND DO IT!

Do you want to expand your current experience? -- Then make a decision to start traveling or move up the clinical ladder or return to school TODAY!

One thing NOBODY can ever take away from you is your dream.

Nope, they might try to prevent you from advancing your career or tell you that it's just a waste of time, or say it'll just take too long, or it's too expensive, or too hard, OR WHATEVER, whatever, whatever...

BUT WE ALL HAVE THE GOD-GIVEN TALENT INSIDE of us to do anything we set our mind to doing!!!

That's right, we all have a special purpose and our dreams are often a very good indicator of what our purpose may be.

Don't worry about failing, rather focus on what you want in the surgical world and where you want your unique dream in medicine to take you and just do it.

Who cares if you faulter a little along the way!

Who cares if you don't even make it all the way!

AT LEAST TRY and follow your dream with your heart and determination.

You'll be surprised where one dream might actually open up the doors in the medical world to even bigger dreams.

One of my personal dreams, way - way- way- back in the day, was to become good at orthopedics.

Well, as many of you know, my path to becoming a surgical tech ortho expert had a few stumbles along the way, BUT my DREAM of being the best ortho scrub possible eventually gave me the experience I needed to work in just about any hospital I set my eyes on.

Yes, my ortho experience opened up more job opportunities for me than most of the other talents I've acquired over the years.

Hey, there was even a time in my surgical tech career when I had a dream to become a professional actor.

I used my ST career to take me to NYC where I studied acting professionally, AND to make a long story short, my Dream combined with a decision, a deadline, AND my ST experience ulitmately landed me a role on a little Soap Opera called the Young & the Restless where I was hired to be an Operating Room Technical Advisor and ultimately played one of the doctor's.

You see, my point is, you have to dream, make a decision to follow your dream, set a deadline, and just go for it.

The world and opportunities in the surgical world are as big as you dream them to be.

If you think you can only become an ST and that's it, you're probably right.

If you think you can become an ST and then an expert in a specific field, and then a surgical traveler, and then an Educator, and then an FA-RN-CRNA-PA-MD- and then continue moving up the ladder in the surgical world, you're probably right!

Whatever you dream of, just do something with it. It's ok if you don't quite make it, but at least give it a shot.

Don't get paralyzed with indecisions and "should-haves".

No matter what stage you're at right now, at this very moment, do yourself a favor and do something to get your dream moving forward~

If you're short on ideas or need a little motivational boost, take a look at the Surgical Tech Success Handbook:

As always, feel free to contact me anytime, I am always here to help you in any way possible~

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

**Special thanks to "Pastor Luke" from the Journey Church for inspiring me to write about Dreams, Decisions, & Deadlines --


If you're looking for a Surgical Tech School, our list is growing every week:

Surgical Tech Success Handbook:



“Trust yourself -- you know more than you think you do.” – Dr. Benjamin Spock



~Major Announcement~ (x2)



1) Due to an overwhelming SUCCESS with helping Surgical Tech's start new travel careers, the healthcare recruiters we endorse have asked us to share this success with O.R. Nurses.

If you know of an O.R. Nurse who is looking for information about traveling, have them contact the following page:

2) ==>COMPLETE details of this 2nd Major Announcement are in the "Give Me A Break" segment

Printed hardcopies of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook is now the only available format on the market.

The Surgical Tech Success Handbook ===>eBook<=== version (an eBook is an electronic download) has been taken off the market.

==>COMPLETE details of this Major Announcement are in the "Give Me A Break" segment

We are no longer selling the electronic download of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook.

However, the Surgical Tech's Little Black Book & the Surgical Tech Success Quick Link Resource Library are still available in eBook form, but only with the Hardcopy edition of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook.



~Give Me A Break!


This is something I've been having a really hard time with. BUT, since I am known for telling you how it is and speaking from my heart, here goes:

It has been brought to my attention that the electronic version (eBook) of my books have recently been abused.

Downloaded versions have been reported to be illegally copied and distributed by an educator in the Surgical Tech world.


Many of you out there who know me have seen first hand how often I've given away FRE'E copies of the books I offer on my site.

What type of example does an educator set for their students when they blatantly make unauthorized - illegal copies of a downloaded book to distribute to their students.


I'm not one to pass along any negative energy but due to previous issues we've had with the eBook version of the handbook and this most recent issue of the illegal distribution, I must reluctantly pull the eBook's off the market.

It's really sad to think that there are people out there who can do such a dishonest deed and then promote such a noble field in our Surgical Technology world.

Listen, the Surgical Tech Success Handbook was spawned from over 20 years of my personal hard work and education in and around in the Surgical World.

Give me a break if you think my professional life is only worth that of the toner or inkjet required to print fre'e copies of my work.

I must tell you that writing a book and having it published is like watching a child blossom into success.

It just isn't right to take my "baby" with the liberty of passing it along as you see fit. (sorry for the drama, but I'm quite passionate about my work)

If you have received an illegal copy of any of the books I wrote, please contact us.

You will remain anonymous and a reward will be offered for information leading to the "capture" of the copyright law breakers!

PLEASE NOTE*******Please note, I believe that most people are HONEST and I firmly believe that most educators do set the standard. But, as you can see, it only takes one or two bad seeds to ruin a crop~

Thank you for listening~

***If you have a GIVE ME A BREAK MOMENT, contact us and we'll consider publishing it it our next newsletter.



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THANKS AGAIN to "Pastor Luke" from the Journey Church for inspiring me to write about Dreams, Decisions, & Deadlines --






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Thank You! Best Regards,

Robert Prince, CST Author & Certified Surgical Technologist Founder & CEO

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