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Surgical Techs Question Education - SurgicalTechSuccess
April 06, 2006


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~Surgical Tech's Education Part 2~

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~Web Site Updates~


If you haven't taken a look recently, the number of surgically related news articles & resources is growing very quickly.

From how a tonsillectomy affects a child's sleep, to Robotic surgery. This page has a ton of information. AND we continually add more...

Take a look at our Surgery News page and let me know what you think...

I will be in Spartanburg, South Carolina on April 10th, speaking to a group of Surgical Tech Students, Faculty, & Potential Students. You can get all the details here:



~Surgical Tech's Education - Part 2 ~

You know, when I wrote last week's newsletter, I never thought about continuing it into a Part 2.

But due to a large respose from my subscribers, I thought this article is necessary.

OK, after last week's "Education" newsletter, I started receiving e-mails from individuals asking, basically - what's the point of going to a Surgical Tech School when any of the professions mentioned in last week's article can be attained through specific programs and college degrees.

For example, some of the response was about becoming a First Assistant.

Many of the readers out there think it would be wise to just skip surgical tech school and go straight into a first assistant program.

I also got the same type of feedback about becoming an O.R. RN.

Well, not becoming a surgical tech and going straight into a First Assistant or RN program is certainly an option.

But, I must say, if you want to work in the operating room, becoming a surgical tech is a DEFINITE way to get into surgery.

You see, going to RN school does not guarantee that you will be able to work in an operating room.

Very often, once an RN graduates, they have to apply to a surgical training program at a hospital willing to train a new RN in the operating room. It is possible but not always very easy.

On the other hand, becoming a surgical tech almost guarantees that you'll be working in or around a surgical envirnoment.

Also, if you want to become a First Assistant, very often you need some type of medical background or college science background to get into a FA program.

Now, the requirements for FA school varies and there are probably some out there that don't require a surgical or medical background.

But think about this, if you are trained as a surgical tech, you start working in the O.R., and then you can build on your experience and career with the solid foundation a surgical background helps to build.

With an education in Surgical Technology and the experience you will get as a Surgical Tech in the O.R., you will have the opportunity to move into practically any career field in and around the surgical world.

My education, training, and experience in Surgical Technology has opened more doors than you can possibly imagine.

The skills and knowledge you acquire as a Surgical Tech are so specialized, once you start moving up the career ladder in the surgical world, you will be in high demand.

If you think about it, do you think a surgeon would rather hire a new FA right out of school with no previous experience or a new FA right out of school with a couple of years as a Surgical Tech on their resume...??..

Or the RN, do you think an O.R. would rather train a new RN right out of school with no prior hospital experience, or a new RN right out of school who worked as a Surgical Tech while going to RN school..??..

Now, I'm not saying that one shouldn't pursue a higher educational degree in a different medical specialty college or program.

Rather, I'm saying that if you want to work in the O.R., starting as a surgical tech will build the most solid foundation possible.

I hope this clears things up a little...

The Surgical Tech Success Handbook has a couple of different sections that go into more detail of positions and career opportunities in surgery. If you haven't taken a look at it yet, now is the time to start moving forward.

And don't forget, you can order any of our books as individual items here:

Thank you once again for your time and your continued support!

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST


"Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving." - Maxwell Maltz



~Educational Links~


JCAHO - Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations - is a standards-setting and accrediting body in health care.

Want to do a "Quality Check" on a specific hospital to determine whether a health care organization will meet specific needs?

Check out:

Click on the "Quality Check" link on the top of the page, then simply use a zip code...




Our Help Wanted page is up but has not been fully launched.

If you have a Surgical Tech position available or know of a facility that is looking for Surgical Tech's, visit the following page for a FRE'E Surgical Tech Job posting.

Currently, there is absolutley no cost to place a Surgical Tech Job - Help Wanted listing on our site.


~Quick Reminders~


The fre'e Questions, Answers, Tips, & Resources ebook is still available for newsletter subscribers here:

If you would like to order the printed hardcopy edition of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook, the bonus digital download material IS included as digital downloads.



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