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March 10, 2006


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A couple of Website updates~

Why the Surgical Technology Enthusiasm Fades~

Top Resource for Your Back~


A couple of Website updates~

Several new Surgical News articles have been published on the "Surgery News" page:

~Procedure to Remove Small Tumors Near Inner Ear

~Music Helps Patients Relax During Surgery

~First Full Facial Transplantation

~Doctors Test Robotic Surgeon for Laparoscopy

~Robotic Surgery Update: Da Vinci Heart Surgery

~Robot Surgeons: For Prostate Cancer and Gastric Bypass?

We have added a Surgical Tech Jobs - Help Wanted page:

Finally, the fre'e Questions, Answers, Tips, & Resource ebook is still available for newsletter subscribers here:


Why the Surgical Technology Enthusiasm Fades~

Has your excitement or enthusiasm as a Surgical Tech started to fade?

Well, if it has, you are not alone.

How often have you met a surgical tech who absolutely loves everything there is about being a surgical tech and then met the surgical tech who is just completely miserable or utterly bored working as a surgical tech..??..

I can tell you that I've met plenty of both throughout my years in surgery.

And, I'd also be willing to bet that the surgical tech who has lost the joy and enthusiasm of being a surgical tech probably didn't feel like that when they first got into the Surgical Technology field.

Now, here's a fact:

Most people are happier working towards a goal than they are after they have finally achieved it.

If you think about the time you spent in Surgical Tech School, you may have felt challenged and motivated by your classwork or clinicals.

These were (or are for current students) the times you were actively working towards a specific goal -Graduating from Surgical Tech School-

It is much easier to stay motivated about a goal when it is structured into a formal program.

But what happens once you graduate, accomplish your goal of becoming a Surgical Tech, and start working in the operating room?

Why does the enthusiasm seem to slowly dwindle for some surgical techs?

I believe that once you start working in surgery, time & experience in the field improves most surgical tech's skills to such a degree that they find themselves getting bored because nothing seems to be a challenge anymore.

Although I hate to say it, some techs just get lazy after they hit a certain comfort zone and stop trying to learn more about their craft of Surgical Technology and the opportunities of being in the Surgical World.

Whether you are a student, educator, or actively working in the field and you find your enthusiasm starting to fade, make some adjustments.

Adjustments can be as simple as studying harder and setting small goals to learn more about your weak areas in surgery or surgical tech school.

You know what your weak areas are and you can instill a little enthusiasm back into your chosen profession or course of study by actively working on those weak areas.

As I mentioned, most people are happier working towards a goal than they are after they have finally achieved it, it's all in the journey.

So, once the journey of one goal is complete, set up a path for your next journey and follow a plan to get there.

I've said it a thousand times;

There are more opportunities in and around the Surgical World than you probably know about.

Why not take a little action and prevent your enthusiasm from fading.

Think about how happy and enthusiastic you were when you decided to become a Surgical Tech.

Don't let your enthusiasm fade and prevent you from having the type of successful career you deserve.

Thank you for your time!

Until Next Time~

Your friend,


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Top Resource for Your Back~

We all know how important a healthy back is, especially working in the operating room.

Here is a resource for "spine-health":


"The secret of happiness is freedom...The secret of freedom is courage." -Earl Nightingale


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