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March 14, 2006


In Today's Newsletter:

A couple of Website updates~

Surgical Tech First Assisting~


A couple of Website updates~

We have added a Handbook-Products Order page where you can now purchase our e-books separately:

We are currently listing surgical tech jobs as a FRE'E service. If you would like to post a job, go to:

This new service will help you find Surgical Tech Jobs - Help Wanted:

Have you seen the Surgical News articles on the "Surgery News" page:

Finally, the fre'e Questions, Answers, Tips, & Resource ebook is still available for newsletter subscribers here:


Surgical Tech First Assisting~

Becoming a first assistant is one of the best ways to advance your surgical career.

Did you know that first assistants can bill for their services.

What that means is that in many states, a surgical first assistant can bill the patient's insurance company for the service they provide as a first assistant.

I've met surgical techs who became first assistants, set up their own first assistant group, and then started to run a very profitable surgical first assistant business.

But, just be aware that some states and/or insurance companies do not recognize or "allow" the Surgical Tech First Assistant to bill for services.

There are even surgeons out there who hire ST First Assistants to work for them and then the surgeon handles all of the billing, and you, as a first assistant, will usually make a very nice salary.

And who says there's no future for the surgical tech... :)

As you can see, there is definitely a future and ways to advance you career as a surgical tech!

That's it, nice and sweet!

Here are a couple of First Assistant links for you to check out. I know many of you are on spring break, but when you get a chance, check out these links:

NIFA - National Institute of First Assisting

National Surgical Assistant Association

You can get a lot more ideas about where you can go with your Surgical Tech Career by taking a look at the Surgical Tech Success Handbook:

Thank you for your time!

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