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Surg Tech's -WRONG Path?- SurgicalTechSuccess
April 05, 2007


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~Surgical Tech's Choosing the Right Path~

~Give Me A Break~ "Change with the Times"

~Quick Reminders~





~Surgical Tech's Choosing the Right Path~


Every now and then I get emails from Surgical Techs on ALL levels (from potential students - to students - to working scrubs - to instructors) who wonder if they are on the right path in the world of Surgery.

Many of these individuals talk about how they are having issues deciding about starting Surgical Tech School, or they are having problems in school, or they are having issues at work in the O.R., or they just lose the excitement or motivation to work in surgery.

WELL, without getting into a bunch of reasons why I think people question the career path of Surgical Technology or lose the excitment for this field, I just want to let you know that:




Let me explain;

MANY people often start a new study or career path with excitement & enthusiasm and get to a point where the excitement is lost AND boredom - frustration - or impatience sets in, and the path is ultimately questioned.

This is not uncommon.

The same holds true for people who have been working in a career for a bit of time and they start to just lose interest for a variety of reasons.

This too, is not uncommon.

While I'm no therapist, I might suggest that when you find yourself losing interest in your school or career path when it once filled your life with excitement, you might want to take a look at the "inside" of YOU and try to figure out why you lost interest.

Maybe the challenge is not enough...

Maybe the challenge is too much...

Maybe the work or study actually requires more effort than you originally thought...YES real work and real study is required for Surgical Technology~

Maybe the work or study is just too draining for you...

Maybe it's just not the path you envisioned...

Maybe you need something MORE...

WHO KNOWS - the maybe's can go on and on and on...

I can assure you though, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

BUT before YOU GIVE UP, think about this - - -

When it comes to any course of study or career path, change happens and sometimes what happens causes us to change.

This is one of the greatest things about life - CHANGE -

Hey, nobody knows absolutely - positively that they have picked the right career until they get their "feet wet".

Listen, if we (as humans) knew the answer to what career path or life path we should take, everyone's career and life would be perfect.

However, since we do not have the answers or a crystal ball, we have to take chances, follow our hearts, get the info we need and move forward.

Hey, sometimes we don't always choose the right path, BUT often times the wrong path introduces us to the right path along the way.

Let me say that last part again:

~Often times the wrong path introduces us to the right path along the way~

Just being on the path of Surgical Technology can open up doors and opportunities that you might not even know about.

I have met surgical techs who branched off into other medical careers after building a foundation in surgery.

I have met surgical techs who did not like the field after they graduated but still used the surgical tech education to move forward into another area of healthcare.

I have met surgical techs who love being a surgical tech and have no desire to do anything else but scrub in an O.R. setting.

I have met surgical techs who put themselves through med school and ultimately became surgeons.

I have met surgical techs who left surgery to teach, work in sales, start their own business, etc.

AND one of my all time favorites is an O.R. professional I know who left the surgical world all together to become an artist, welding metals into sculptures, gates, etc AND selling some of his items to DOCTORS. (by the way, his work is AWESOME!)

The bottom line is you have to do what you think is right for you.

There is no magic pill or simple solution.

Your choices, decisions, relationships, and career goals will all require work on your part.

One can't expect to get into a field and start a new path full of excitement and think that the autopilot is going to take over and guide you through the work without you doing your part.

Losing excitement or questioning your path for something new is very common.

I believe this is just a part of our human existence.

Just believe in yourself, stick to your decisions, develop a sense of accountability, and never give up.

AND keep in mind that JUST one more step forward can open up doors of opportunity that have the potential to change your life~

Educate yourself about the world and opportunities of Surgical Technology and get a jump on creating your successful career in surgery today!

Take a look at the Surgical Tech Success Handbook to help create your path and move forward:

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

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“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.” – Helen Keller, author, lecturer



~Give Me A Break!


"Change With The Times"

Recently I received an email from somebody who was almost insisting that I send them a PRINTED copy of the FRE'E digital ebook I give away, SIMPLY because this person didn't want to download a PDF file on their computer.


As we all know, the computer generation is here to stay.

I can understand about being cautious when it comes to downloading info from the net, but in this day and age, downloads are here, now, and a part of our future.

From course material to documenting patient charts, computers, uploads & downloads of digital info is a part of our professional and personal lives.

Not only does digital info save time for the "I want it now - Instant gratification" crowd, it is fast and convenient.


Not too long ago I was getting ready to speak at a high school to a group of seniors.

Well, while I was waiting, one of the students came up to the instructor to use his computer to retrieve her homework.

It seems she had forgotten her homework, so she called her mom on the cell phone, had her mom scan the homework into the computer, upload it, and then send it to an email address where the student could download it, open it and print it right there in class.

This took about 2 minutes in total time.

Ah, the convenience and quickness of the digital age~

SO, if you are out there and don't like the digital age we live in, Give Me A Break~

Learn what you have to learn about the computer age in order to change with the times, because the digital age is here to stay.

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~Quick Reminders~





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