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May 08, 2007


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~The Bottom Line! - Surgical Tech's Respect ~

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WOW, Surgical Tech's Respect has been a HOT TOPIC!

The results from the Surgical Tech Respect questionnaire continue to come in...

I gotta tell you that there was quite a mixed review on how Surgical Tech's, on all levels, feel about the respect they receive form their colleagues.

The feedback ranged from:

"Surgical Tech's are at the bottom of the barrel in the O.R."


"Surgical Tech's get the respect they give"


"Surgical Tech's need to be licensed or registered in order to get any respect as professionals"


"Surgical Tech's need to have a college degree for respect..."


"Surgical Tech's are respected based on our knowledge and skill level"


"Surgical Tech's get respect once they have earned it.."


"Surgical Tech's at my hospital are respected as medical professionals by the surgeons and nurses"

and so on....

As you can see, some feedback was positive and some was not so positive.

WELL, here's the bottom line based on my professional experience combined from the feedback I've received thus far.

First of all, take a look at the definition of Respect from

-- Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability. --

The thing that strikes me in this definition is the phrase; "a sense of the worth or excellence of a person"

For me, that is pure motivation and fuel when it comes to getting the respect we all deserve as professionals.

It is so easy to prove our sense of worth or excellence on the job by simply becoming the best at what we do.

Listen, EVERYBODY has to earn the respect at the level they chose to enter the surgical world.

If you are stuck on thinking (and I've heard this from time to time) that the surgical tech is at the bottom of the professional barrel in the O.R. and they will never get the respect they deserve.

THEN, you are looking at your chosen profession in a very negative and dark light.

As an ex-military man, I was groomed in the professional world on a "Chain of Command"

This "Chain of Command" started at the beginning (or bottom, as some of you like to put it) and moved up or forward.

To move up the chain of command required new skill sets and very often a higher educational level.

The skill sets were easy as they were acquired with time on the job.

The higher education could have been workshops, seminars, promotion tests, higher degrees, certifications, etc.

The point I'm trying to make here is that being a surgical tech can be looked at as an entry level position on the O.R. Chain of Command OR it can be looked at as the bottom of the...."

To move up any chain of command requires:

A) Skill Sets (easily learned with time, practice, and knowledge on the job)


B) The Education for the next level (either with ceritification, advanced training, higher degrees, etc)

You know, I would much rather look at the Surgical Tech position as the gateway (or entry) to numerous opportunities and possibilities in a world of surgery, many of which where the average person will never be exposed.

AND when it comes to the respect of a surgical tech....

I believe that once you learn to respect yourself, your position, your responsibilities, and your chosen level of entry into any profession, others will pick up on the respect you have for everything I just mentioned and act accordingly.

Trust me, professionals in the O.R., whether housekeeping professionals, nursing professionals, surgeons, PA's, FA's, and other SURGICAL TECH PROFESSIONALS will pick up on whether or not you own the professional respect you desire for your self and your chosen profession.


If you still feel like you need to be in a different position in order to command respect from the surgical world, then go there.

What's stopping you from moving into a position you see as getting the respect you desire.

I've met and currently know Surgical Tech's who love being a surgical tech and would not want to do anything else.

These individuals respect what they do and are proud of their position in the O.R. chain of command.


I've met Surgical Tech's who've despised the way they were treated as a surgical tech, decided to move forward up the chain of command, and, after moving, couldn't be happier.

AND of course...

There are those individuals out there who don't feel the respect, hate what they do, and aren't doing anything to move anywhere....

Listen, if you feel like licensing or being registered is the key to respect, take action and get involved to work on it~

If you feel like you need a degree for respect, go for it~

If you feel like Certification will earn the respect you desire, get certified~

If you feel like you need to move up the chain of command for a certain level of respect, what's stopping you from moving..??..

Take action, be a doer, get involved, learn & master your craft of surgical technology, and realize that the sky is the limit.

Your only barrier to moving forward in life and your professional career lies between your ears and under your ankles.

Get moving!

Move your surgical tech career to the level you desire with the help of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook.

The Surgical Tech Success Handbook is loaded with information, tools, and resources to get you moving!

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

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