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Surg Tech's WHAT IF?? - SurgicalTechSuccess
November 20, 2006


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What if....

I'm sure you've said that a time or two in your life.

Maybe your "what if's" went something like this;

What if I were taller...

What if I were rich....

What if he or she could just understand me.....

What if I were stronger, faster, funnier, etc.....

What if I had this or had that.....

You know, in the O.R., "what if's" are not like the "what if's" in everyday life.

NOPE, as a Surgical Professional, "what's if's" are something you should think about on a daily basis.

What If's in the operating room should help you prepare your case and forethoughts for the "just in case" scenarios...

What if this surgeon nicks that artery...

What if this patient codes....

What if I get stuck with a sharp....

What if we need "bug juice"....

You see, the What If's in the O.R. will help you prepare and stay one step ahead of situations that you foresee.

I know the "what if" examples I just mentioned sound a bit negative but they are possible realities in surgery.

What if the surgeon does nick an artery that is directly in the field.

I mean maybe it's pulled back with a vesel loop but what if it were nicked..??..

--Do you have the 6-0 prolene (or whatever that particular surgeon uses) to repair the nick?--Do you have the correct vascular clamps? Rubber shods?, etc...

What if the patient codes..??..

--Do you know the initial steps you take as the scrub?---Do you move your backtable away from the field and protect the sterility?----Do you assist with chest compressions?-----ARE your CPR skills current?etc...

What if you get stuck with a sharp?

-Do you know the first step to take? Alcohol, Betadine, Bleach, Report to Employee Health, etc...

What if you need "bug juice"?

-Is it nearby so the surgeon doesn't have to wait? Has the expiration date been checked? Is it poured directly into your saline? etc...

My point here is to think about the What If's in a way that will help you be prepared for any situation you can think of.

We all get a little complacent in the O.R. as the years go by and we get comfortable in our surgical environment.

But I want you to be the best of the best in the Surgical Tech world!!!

AND to be the best of the best, you have to think about the what if's!

It's really that simple~

Working in surgery can get to a point where you've developed the experience and "know how" to get through any case.

But do you really just want to "get through" any case?

I hope you want to do more than just get through your cases.

I hope you want to challenge yourself to master your skills and have an answer for when the "what if's" come knocking....

If you don't want to do it for yourself and for your own professional growth, do it for the patient and the team you are working with.

The patient is always first priority and they'll appreciate it, your team will enjoy and respect you for knowing and thinking about the what if's, and you'll develop a stronger sense of surgical self-confidence knowing the what if's in the O.R.

Do you really want to become the best of the best????

Hopefully you said YES~

Well then, take a look at the other ideas, suggestions, and tips for all levels of surgical techs to utilize for career advancement in the Surgical Tech Success Handbook.

AND, as I mentioned before, the price is going up SOON due to an increase in production and publishing costs.

Give yourself a boost right now and get your copy of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook today.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime, I am always here to help you in any way possible~

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST


Surgical Tech Success Handbook:

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“Nearly all people can stand adversity; but if you want to test a person’s character, give them power.” – Abraham Lincoln, 16th US president



~Give Me A Break!


--'Power-Tripin' in the O.R.--

You'd be surprised how often I get an email from a "newbie" who is getting completely discouraged because of the way an O.R. professional is teaching/treating them.

Now I'm not talking about complaints or gripes about how hard a program is or how much studying is required or the difficult cases in the O.R.

RATHER, the complaints about how a veteran is being somewhat "over-the-top" with the personal teaching style/discipline of a newbie in the O.R.

Listen, I will be the first one to tell ANYBODY that surgical technology and becoming successful in this field IS NOT EASY!

If it were, everybody would be doing it....

AND I would also be the first one to crack down on breaks in sterile technique or unacceptable O.R. behavior & professionalism.

You see, experience in the O.R. develops a certain type of self-confidence and personal growth that is unique to our profession.

Sometimes this new "inner-growth" can go to one's head and they misplace the confidence with an EGO of superiority.

Yes, that's right, they think they are "BETTER THAN"....(hence the Power-Tripin')....

Now, ego's in the O.R. can (and will) lead to trouble and we all have to learn how to keep them in check....

Furthermore, as an O.R. professional (educator, preceptor, seasoned vet, etc) you are in a unique position where you have the potential to affect a newbie's career and attitude during the growing stages of their new career.

YES, an experienced surgical pro is in a pretty powerful position with newbie's (tech students - new techs - new RN's - med students- etc) and should ALWAYS realize that IF you are in an educating/teaching position, you should be teaching rather than "going off" on little power trips ultimately intimidating newbies to a point where they want to give up.

I know for a fact that there are O.R. veterans out there who know exactly what I'm talking about and can pick out the surgical pro's who have let the O.R. confidence we all develop go to their head.

GIVE ME A BREAK and don't forget that you were once new also.

We all know the O.R. can be frustrating at times, but if you want to be respected for the professional you are meant to be, act like it.

Don't go off on power trips just because you have the experience and O.R. confidence of a true surgical professional.

The career field of Surgical Technology needs to start being looked upon and treated as a medical profession.

This field is not just a job and unless O.R. pro's act as true professionals - setting the example along the way, the road to professional respect will be a very long haul....

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