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SurgTechs & the BIG $$ - SurgicalTechSuccess
December 06, 2005

Want to know how to make BIG M0NEY as a surgical tech? If so, read this and let me know what you think...

One question I often get is "How much $$ does a surgical tech make?"

Well, I'm about to tell you how to get past the "how much" part and get into the "big m0ney" part.

It's funny to talk to some of my "non-surgical" friends because they always tend to think that surgical techs make big bucks and they seem to glamorize the surgical tech position.

It is nice to hear from people who don't work in or around surgery about how "cool" being a surgical tech must be.

Comments like that make you feel as though being a surgical tech really is a special type of position.

But, it shouldn't take comments from others to realize how lucky you are to be in a profession that has so many opportunities.

If you are already in a surgical tech program or you're currently working as a surgical tech, you know what the average income is and some of the opportunities for a surgical tech in the area you live.

Notice I said the average income..??..

That's because most people who just get out of school or have been working in the same medical facility for a year or so become content with the hourly wage they are offered.

They often adjust their lifestyle to fit the annual salary they are paid. (many even live way above their salary on credit cards and loans)

Some surgical techs will work a little overtime or pick up additional call to supplement their incomes.

We all know most surgical techs are not going to become millionaires working 8 hrs a day 5 days a week.

BUT, there is a way to get into the "Big M0ney".

First, get the "how much per hour" thought out of your head.

I know it's important to know how much you will make, but don't let your starting salary affect what you can do with your career.

What I mean by that is to think about where you want to be and the type of lifestyle you'd like to have.

Once you get a clear picture of where you want to be with your career and the type of lifestyle you'd like, you'll be that much closer to getting there.

Too many people get caught up in the "how much per hour" mentality and ultimately lose sight of a CAREER in surgery. Everyday turns into another day on the J O B, and this in turn can lead into frustration and a lack of motivation to move your surgical tech career forward.

Here's the key: Do what you love and the money will follow!

I know, I know, you didn't sign up for some type of motivational - rah-rah - "pump me up" newsletter. You want to know how to make the big bucks, right..??..

Well, if you truly get into a specialty or service that you love, you'll be surprised how you can surpass the average surgical tech income.

It wasn't until after my 10th year as a surgical tech that I made a six figure income.

10 years of scrubbing before I could finally stop worrying about "paying the bills".

I might advise you to learn from my mistake and the mistake of thousands of other surgical techs nationwide who got into this field in hopes of making a lot of m0ney only to get bogged down with living from check to check or running up credit card debt just to get by simply because they either lost sight of the big picture or just didn't really know about the big picture.

Once I finally decided to really get involved with the specialty that I loved and stopped worrying about how I was going to live on the salary I was currently making, the money started to appear.

Let's say, as an example, you really love doing plastic surgery. Maybe you have to rotate through all of the services or scrub whatever comes in the O.R., but you really love plastics.

OK then, learn plastics inside and out. Become an expert in plastics. Try to scrub on every plastic case that comes through your O.R. doors. Talk to the plastic surgeons between cases. Network with the surgical pro's who do plastics everyday. Learn the instruments, sutures, procedures, etc.. Really get to know that service inside and out. Once you become an expert in a service you love, people notice and the opportunities start to open up.

Hey, maybe there's a plastic surgery group who is looking for a private surgical tech to work in their office. Maybe they are willing to train you to become a First Assistant and start billing for your services. Maybe you can start your own "Plastic Surgery Scrubs Only" group of surgical techs who specialize in plastics and offer your services to plastic surgeons in your area.

Maybe there is a need for a technical expert in plastics to work with a new product for a medical sales company.

Whatever the case, once you start to become an expert in the service or specialty you really love, you'll be amazed how the doors of opportunity will begin to open.

If you think this sounds crazy, try it. I did and it worked for me. Some of you out there who personally know me, know all about the little contract I did as a "Surgical Technical Consultant" for a major T.V. "daytime drama" (soap opera :)

How did I get a job like that? Because I spent years and years becoming an expert in Surgical Technology. But it also took me most of those years to realize what it would take to move my career forward.

I've met and I even personally know surgical techs who are making $$100,000per year working in a specialty they became experts in, one that they truly looked forward to scrubbing.

You can do it too.

Whether you love plastics, or cardiac, or orthopedics, or trauma, or vascular, or eyes, or ob/gyn, or hands, spines, neuro, OR education, teaching, or any other specialty or service in surgery, follow your passsion and become an expert in that field.

I know you've heard the old saying: "It's better to be happy doing what you love doing..."

Well, the old saying of "Do what you love and the money will follow" should be the next sentence in that statement.

Believe me, I learned from many, many, many years of experience in and around the O.R. that the love of your chosen career will play a huge part in your professional success. (please note, professional success is not always measured by the "big bucks", people who get lost in the m0ney aspect tend to lose other vital parts of a healthy career)

If you stop thinking about the "how much", stop calculating the amount of overtime hours, stop adding up all of the call hours, and focus on the big picture, you will start to see the many opportunities available for someone with your technical expertise.

Maybe you just need a little re-motivation to get that spark going.

Take a look at the Surgical Tech Success Handbook package:

Surgical Tech Success Handbook Package

It is full of ideas and career possibilities that will inspire you to really start to love your chosen profession.

ALSO, (I know I mentioned this in a previous newsletter), if you really want to see some of the opportunities for surgical techs, go to and do a job search on "surgical tech", you'll see pages of employment opportunities.


If you think you can-you are right! If you think you can't, you're right too.

Think you can and you will!

Stay positive, ask questions, study hard, and keep learning. That's the solid foundation to build from and work your way into becoming an expert in surgery. Thank You! :)

Until next time~

Your friend,


The Surgical Tech Success Handbook package includes a Quick Link Resource Library that is full of surgically related companies and professions.

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