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December 19, 2005

I know you are probably busy with all of the holiday activities that take place during this time of the year.

So, I'll make this short and sweet :)

CPR is an EXTREMELY important skill to learn when working in any type of patient care facility.

Often, the experienced tech may let their CPR card expire or not think too much about the importance of knowing CPR because they work in the operating room where the anesthesia personnel usually handle a Cardiac emergency during surgery.

Let me tell you from my own experience, you better know what you need to know about CPR "Just In Case"...

I was scrubbed on a simple biopsy case one day when this patient coded.

Once I pushed my back table back and got into position to preserve my sterile field, I was asked to do chest compressions ~ talk about an adrenalin rush.

Luckily I had just renewed my CPR card and I felt comfortable doing the chest compressions.

In most cases, the O.R. is staffed in such a way where the surgical tech will not get "hands on" experience during a code.

But, like I said, being in a patient care facility you need to keep your CPR card current and your skills fresh.

I've even met some surgical techs who became CPR instructors and held weekly, monthly, or yearly classes for the operating room.

Here are two of the main CPR websites.

American Red Cross

American Heart Association

If you need to renew your CPR card, check with your department educator about your options, or go online to find out when and where you can renew your CPR card.

Hope your holidays are going well.

Until next time,

Your friend,


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