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AND the Winners ARE...- SurgicalTechSuccess
November 28, 2005

I know I said we would be giving away 25 copies of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook.

Well, since the "holiday spirit" hit me a little early, I decided to extend that number and give away 35.

Below is a list of the winners.

I have emailed all of the selected entries and I must say that I forgot to mention one VERY IMPORTANT FACT in the email.

The fre'e copy download page will only be up for 48 hours.

Please don't hesitate to get your copy as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below.

If you didn't win a fre'e copy, take a look at the complete Surgical Tech Success Handbook package here:

Surgical Tech Success Handbook Package

I hope you had a terrific long holiday weekend.

Best Regards,


Here is the list of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook holiday give-away winners:

Kelly Tressler

Don Groner

Max Miller

Alisa Storey

Nadirah Majied

Ashley Hite

Melissa Elliott

Deon Coleman

Naomi Hayes

Cynthia Sutton

Dolorese Letourneau

Lisa Gudmundson

Tammy Collins

Carmen Gomez

Freschta Nasrudin

Jose Lozano

Shannon Cathcart

Lisa Davis

Mia Wilson


Maggie Perrizo

Chauntae Knuckles

Jennifer Barrie

Patsy Howard

Jaye Hawkins

Annette Wilkerson

Michelle Rogers

Melissa Bellamy

Jenna Wood

Sarah McKinnie

Bernadette McPhillips

Dallion Turley

John Vuong

Joanna French

Melissa Polanco


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