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Hurricane Wilma Update- SurgTechSuccess
November 02, 2005

As you may know, I live in South Florida where hurricane Wilma slammed into. Actually, I live in Boynton Beach which was the "bulls-eye" of that devastating storm.

We have been without power since the first day of the storm. If you have submitted an information request or school listing request, they will be processed as soon as power is restored to our servers.

Today I drove nearly 40 miles North so I could access the internet at a Kinko's with power and update you. This is the first moment I've had to touch base...

I will resume the newsletters and respond to all inquires the moment our power is restored.

I appreciate your understanding and sincerely look forward to getting back to "normal".

I hope things are going well for you!

Thank you all for the positive feedback and support! :)

Best Regards!


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