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September 12, 2005

A big question many students start thinking about towards the end of their training is "Where am I going to find a job"?

Sometimes, the school you are going to will have job placement assistance or your instructors may be able to help you find your first job.

But, you should start working on finding a job before you graduate.

What I mean by "working on finding a job" is to start networking. By networking you will simply keep a small journal of surgical professionals you meet who may be able to hire you or lead you in a direction that may result in a job.

Networking in the operating room is a simple and effective way to get connected with people who may be interested in your surgical skills.

You'll be amazed how somebody you met 6 months ago during a visit to an O.R. may be able to help you land your first job right after clinicals. And if they don't have any needs, they may be able to refer you to somebody who does.

An important element to remember is to be professional and nice to everybody you meet in surgery because you never know when they might be able to get your career jump-started.

AND, you'll also be amazed how somebody you met knows somebody who knows somebody else in the surgical world looking for an employee with the skills you have.

It's always intrigued me how small the "world of surgery" really is and how often I've ran into somebody on the West coast who knew an O.R. crew I worked with on the East coast.

When should you start looking..??..

I would suggest that you start looking for employment before you finish your clinical’s. Very often it is much easier to find a job while you are wrapping up the clinical phase of your training than it is to wait until after you’ve graduated.

When you start looking for a job in the O.R., the first place you should always check is the employment section of your local classifieds, either in the newspaper or on-line. I have always found the Sunday edition of any local newspaper to contain the most listings for employment.

Of course school job boards can also be a great resource.

However, the internet will probably be one of your greatest resources for job searching.

Access to On-Line Job Search Engines will make your employment submissions and searches a piece of cake!

Two key points when searching;

1)Use the advanced search when possible

2)Use a variation of the key words “surgical technologist”

The following variations should be used:

surgical tech

surgical technologist

surgical technician

operating room tech

scrub tech

or tech

There is a complete list of Surgical Tech Employment Tools on our website here:

You will find everything from the top job search engines to resume services, free fax & voicemail services, and free e-mail accounts.

Don't wait until you graduate to start preparing for your new career.

Sign up for free accounts on the Job Search Engines.

Start thinking about your resume.

Always keep a consistent contact number, email address, or voicemail number.

Personally, I have a dedicated email address and voicemail number that never changes, strictly for business contacts.

And of course, network with the people you meet in and around surgery.

If you want a more detailed look into finding employment, which includes "inside secrets", purchase your copy of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook today and jumpstart your Surgical Tech Career.

Even if you simply need a little motivational boost, check out the Surgical Tech Success Handbook and fre'e bonus material at:

Stay positive, ask questions, study hard, and keep learning. That's the solid foundation to build from and work your way into becoming an expert in surgery.

Until next time~

Your friend,



If you haven't already gotten your copy of the Surgical Tech Success handbook and Fre'e bonuses, go to:

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p.s p.s.

Read what a new student recently had to say:

Dear Robert,

I just finished reading your book and find that it is a great introduction to surgery. I will be starting Surgical Tech School in September and feel more prepared now. Thank You! Randi B.

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