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February 07, 2006

Today's Newsletter: "Listen Up"
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Today's Newsletter "Listen Up"

"Listening is one of the most important skills you can ever develop as a Surgical Technology Professional"

Have you ever worked with a surgeon, a student, or even an educator who didn't seem to be listening to what you have to say?

I mean, maybe they seem to be listening to you but they were only actually hearing you.

Maybe you had a question and they just didn't seem to get it.

Chances are they really never thought about or have taken much time to develop the skill of listening.

Now, don't get "Hearing" confused "with "Listening".

Hearing is not an active form of communicating, rather it's the process of your brain interpreting sounds into words.

Listening, on the other hand is a SKILL and is something that is actually learned and requires practice as well as patience.

How often have you been engaged in a conversation with somebody and while you are talking you could tell that they weren't really listening despite the head bobbing & apparent interest.

What about the person who starts to talk before you are even finished with your point. I know I've been guilty of that one a time or two.

Yeah there are times when I'd get so excited about a conversation that I'd cut the other person off in mid-conversation.

Sometimes we get so excited about the conversation that we can't wait to get our next point across.

OR somebody will be telling you something and they say one thing that sparks a "oh yeah..I know...I know", in your mind.

Developing the skill of listening in surgery is as important as knowing which clamp to pass or how to cover a c-arm.

One of the key ingredients to anticipation is the ability to listen.

Listen, (no pun intended) whenever you find yourself driftng off during a procedure, in class, or even in an in-service, focus on really listening to what is being said.

You don't have to have an INSTANT response and its ok to digest what you've just heard for a second or two, but really listen and then reply.

Very often when somebody has an immediate/instantaneous reply to what you've just said, it's because they heard one thing that you said and can't wait to make a point.

Hey, some people have the ability to listen and respond without taking a beat, but overall, listening is an active form of communication.

Work on your listening skills and the other surgical skills, such as anticipation and preparedness will start to develop quite quickly.

Listening really is an extremely important skill to develop in surgery.

Listen when the surgeon is talking to his/her assistant and pick up on "cues" as to what they are doing and/or may need.

Listen to your instructor's lecture and actively ask questions about what they are speaking about.

Listen to your students and trainee's and repeat back to them the question or point they are trying to make.

Our listening skills are something that can improve everyday in class, in the operating room, and in life.

Listen up and don't forget to ask questions. Asking questions will reinforce what you've just heard and improve your overall listening skills.

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"The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen."- Roy Moody

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