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November 17, 2005

We are launching a frequently asked question (FAQ) page.

We all have moments when there is a burning question on our mind and we either don't want to ask our resident experts (your instructors, co-workers, surgeons, etc) or we just want to get a second opinion.

My advice is to ask and utilize your closest resources first(your instructors, co-workers, surgeons, etc.)

And then, of course, consult with by visiting the following page:

If you have a question about anything related to the field of Surgical Technology, this is the place to ask.

It doesn't matter if you're a student, educator, experienced surgical tech, or just thinking about it, go to the following page and ask away.

Your question and answer to your question will be posted on our FAQ page as soon as it is launched.

If you really want an excellent source of surgical tech information & motivation, pick up a copy of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook with the fre'e bonus material here:

Also, make sure you spread the word about our FRE'E Surgical Tech Success Newsletter:

Stay positive, ask questions, study hard, and keep learning. That's the solid foundation to build from and work your way into becoming an expert in surgery.

Thank You! :)

Until next time~

Your friend,


To check out the complete Surgical Tech Success Handbook and bonus material, go to:

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