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February 21, 2006


In Today's Newsletter:

A couple of Website updates~

"In Robert's Words" ~

A Student Success Story ~


A couple of updates~

I've been doing a little "web-site construction" in order to make a bit more user friendly.

When you visit, you will notice that the navigation bar on the left hand side has been shortened.

The links were starting to become too numerous and I decided to add a "resources & links" page in order to keep things a little more conscise.

Also, you will note two new links;

1) SURGERY NEWS - which currently has a great news report on "UT Southwestern Doctors Test Robotic Surgeon for Laparoscopy"

2) Site Map - in case you're looking for a link and want to find it much quicker.

Finally, the fre'e Questions, Answers, TIps, & Resource ebook is still available for newsletter subscribers here:


"In Robert's Words"

I often get many emails asking me to include this topic or that topic in a newsletter.

Some people even feel comfortable enough to send me an email TELLING me what I should include in the newsletters.

Well, as many of you know, the questions or suggestions that I often get DO get incorporated into the newsletters and or on the website.

If you've been reading the newsletters on a regular basis, you know that I try to encourage, motivate, and support Surgical Techs on all levels based on facts and the multi-year history I've had in and around surgery.

Now, that being said, I am always willing to consider publishing an article or tip with your opinions and feedback on the "Tips" page:

Why, you may ask, do I even bring this up..??..

Well, if you really want to promote a topic or express an opinion, you should take action and do so.

I feel that there are enough "talkers" out there who like to bring this or that up in hopes that somebody else will mention it.

To that I say, take action and step forward. Freedom of speech is just that, the freedom of speech~

Why not set an example for the rest of the Surgical Tech community and express your feelings in an article or tip.

We all know that working in surgery is not always a 100% positive experience (as the same holds true for most careers) and it would be nice to hear the opinions and suggestions of other surgical tech professionals out there who almost insist that they edit my newsletters.

I certainly hope nobody is taking this personal because it is not aimed at any one individual.

Rather I hope to challenge those individuals who would like to see specific topics talked about or mentioned, to submit your views and opinions. can be utilized as your sounding board but you should consider takng the initiative and providing your professional feedback.

You'd really be surprised how often somebody on the west coast is thinking about or going through the exact same situation as somebody on the east coast.

One of the things that I have always been known for in the operating room is the fact that I would talk about how I see things and how I felt about the day to day "on-goings" of the life of a surgical tech.

AND very often, after expressing myself I would hear or see a different opinion or "out-take" on the same subject and it would often open my eyes up to an entirely different view.

In the end, I'd see that there are others who feel the same as I, and on the other hand there are others who see things a little differently with the same validity of their point.

For all of you who have a thought, opinion, tip, comment, suggestion, or anything else that will help educate Surgical Techs, take a moment and submit it here:

We really can help make a difference for Surgical Techs everywhere! - Thank You!


Since I've been speaking about submitting your articles or tips. Here is an inspirational story submitted about a Surgical Tech Student.

For anybody out there wondering if you can do it, just read what this 30-something year old, unemployed, divorced mother of three accomplished and how she felt at the end of her Surgical Tech Program.

You will note that I changed the names in order to protect the privacy of the parties in this letter.

IF however, you would like your name and school published, contact me and I'll mention it in the next newsletter.

Student Success Story

Surgical Technology Program


The greatest thing we'll ever do in life is that which will cost us the most. This is the mantra that Kimberley R., recipient of the Jack Vaughan Jr. Scholarship and graduate of the Surgical Technology program at **** Technical College, lives by on a daily basis. To Kimberley, success did not come easy but achieve success she did! Her story is inspiring and a testament to the results that can be achieved when people and technology unite in the classrooms and laboratories of **** Technical College.

Kimberley offers her view that many people do not go to college because personal situations and finances make it seem impossible for them to even attempt such a venture. She quickly adds that she was one of those people! In her late 30's, unemployed, and a divorced mother of three, Kimberley felt that she was destined to remain in her unfortunate financial position. However, her life course turned a crucial corner when she decided to apply for the Surgical Technology program at **** Technical College. Kimberley knew she needed to choose a career that interested her and would make her financially independent.

The decision to enroll in Surgical Tech School was an easy one compared with the decision that Kimberley made to help ensure her success in the program while meeting the daily needs of her children. After discussing all options as a family, the children went to live with their father and stepmother until their mom graduated from the Surgical Technology program. For the sake of her family and her own self-esteem, Kimberley accepted the academic challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

Kimberley proudly sings the praises of her mentor, Surgical Technology instructor, Lorraine W.. From the beginning, Ms. W. stressed that successful Surgical Technology students must exhibit high levels of self-discipline and dedication in order to succeed in the program. She reminded us that our jobs would literally mean life and death on a daily basis. Ms. W. informed us from the beginning that the Surgical Technology program is oriented toward serious, self-motivated individuals who are looking for more than just a job. She really cares about her students, and I'm lucky to have her as an instructor.

You can hear the conviction in Kimberley's voice when she emphatically states that the instructors have one goal, which is to successfully train students and help guide them into the workforce. Significantly, Kimberley adds that she loves the college where she attended Surgical Tech School and appreciates the professional staff that helped and guided her along the way.

When Kimberley was chosen to receive the Jack Vaughan Jr. Scholarship, she remembers thinking, My kids are going to be proud of me. She notes, Whenever I felt that the program was bigger than me, I would remember that my education would bring lasting benefits to my children. My self-confidence improved with every good grade that I made. My world opened up for me. During the scholarship presentation, Dr. Harlon C., President of the College, remarked that Kimberley's rapid advancement and stellar scholastic achievements reflected well on her tenacity and diligence as well as on the skills, dedication, and motivation that Ms. W. brought to the classroom and the clinical setting.

This particular account of personal, educational, and professional success ends with Kimberley's employment as a Surgical Technologist in Labor and Delivery at the Women's Center of a local Hospital. For Kimberley, though, her life story of bright prospects and optimistic expectations is only just beginning.

****I would like to personally thank Kimberley and Ms W. for this insipiring aritcle***

Until Next Time~

Your friend,


p.s. Just a quick bonus note for newsletter subscribers only: If you would like to order the printed hardcopy edition of the Surgical Tech Success Handbook, I will include the bonus material that normally only comes with the complete eBook Package.


"Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving." - Maxwell Maltz


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