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Surgical Tech Success Newsletter, for
September 05, 2005

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend.

Before I talk about todays subject, I'd like to take a moment to express my deepest condolences for anybody affected by the devastation of hurricane Katrina.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! ---------------------------------------------

Recently, I've been getting a lot of questions from students and experienced surgical techs about Surgical Tech Travel Companies.

Did you know travelling as a surgical tech is an excellent way to build your resume, experience, and expertise..??..

Travelling takes a certain set of skills and personality traits.

You have to be willing to scrub almost anything and you should be pretty good in the O.R.

Many of you want to know if I can recommend a good company, what the process is, and what are the benefits.

First of all, there are literally thousands of healthcare travel agencies all over this country.

From small local companies to large nationwide companies.

Choosing the right surgical tech travel company often involves a little trial and error unless you do some research.

Well, good news, I've done quite a bit of research and I also did quite a bit of travelling.

I was a Certified Surgical Tech traveler for 5 years. My contract work took me from the East coast to the West coast and everywhere in between.

If I were to start travelling again today, I would work with one of two companies.

1) Cross Country Trav Corps

2) RN Network

These are two of the top travel companies when it comes to finding contract jobs for Surgical Techs.

One key point after you select a travel company is to choose one of the top recruiters to work with.

By developing a relationship with one of the top recruiters you will have somebody you know works hard to find you assignments.

Believe me, it's not easy becoming a top recrutier at the healthcare travel companies. So why not work with the best.

Often, people will call a travel company and they will be transferred to the next recruiter in line.

Listen, I have two top names for you and I'm about to give them to you.

But first, no matter which company you decide to work with, ASK who are the top three recrutiers and speak with one of them directly.

Ok, here are two names in the surgical tech travel world whom I know work hard and are very good at finding you a job.

1) Terry Burde - Cross Country Staffing

direct line: 1-800-347-0477

2) Leah Tafalla - RN Network

direct line: 1-800-803-7812

I have personally worked with both of these ladies and they are the best!

Leah of RN Network actually manages and trains a bunch of recruiters. She will definitely put you in touch with the top recrutier she's got.

Terry Burde is the best at Cross Country Trav Corp. She helped me find assignements for many years.

Tell either one of them that I sent you and I'm sure they will work very hard to get you going.

Ok then, what are the benefits of travelling?

1) Free housing

2) medical insurance

3) travel pay

4) completion bonuses

5) higher than "staff" salary

6) short or long term contracts

7) experience upon experience, which will make you a super tech! :)

Requirements to travel:

Usually at least one year of work experience AND National Certification.

What's the process?

Contact the travel company, fill out an application, send in your Certification and work history, and you'll be off and running.

Many companies require background checks and drug screens.

It's a good idea to register with a couple of companies just in case one company doesn't have an assignment you're interested in. This way you can call the next company on your list. They all know that most people work with more than one healthcare travel company...

This has been a summary of the surgical tech travel companies. If you have any questions, contact me and I'm more than happy to help.

If you need a little motivational boost, check out the Surgical Tech Success Handbook and fre'e bonus material at:

Stay positive, ask questions, study hard, and keep learning. That's the solid foundation to build from and work your way into becoming an expert in surgery.

Until next time~

Your friend,


p.s. If you haven't already gotten your copy of the Surgical Tech Success handbook and Fre'e bonuses, go to: for an instant download.

p.s p.s. Read what a new student recently had to say:

Dear Robert, I just finished reading your book and find that it is a great introduction to surgery. I will be starting Surgical Tech School in September and feel more prepared now. Thank You! Randi B.

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