The Surgical Professional

Advice From The Field
by John Eaton, CST/FA

*The following article is an e-mail sent into Mr. Robert Prince and has been published with direct permission from the sender.

One thing that I really like about your e-zine/newsletter is the stressing about having a good attitude, and a realistic one. 

Too many people are negative. 

  • Negative about the hours, the entry level pay, the physical and mental nature of the work. 

Those who are negative and new to the trade who expect that everything should be handed to them on the proverbial silver platter don't get the fact that you have to earn the respect of everyone...doctors, nurses, and most of all, the other techs. 

  • You get exactly what you put into your Surgical Career... 

Your efforts at gaining new knowledge and skills earn you respect and trust as you master them. 

With respect comes financial and social rewards.

The people you hang with at work and after hours affects you directly. 

Just because one has earned the respect and trust of the surgeons and often get treated as equals & friends does not mean you are a "brownie" or a "kiss-up". 

It means that you have mastered parts of your craft and can be trusted in all situations with that surgeon and that trust often develops into a personal friendship. 

Surgeons are people too, nothing more...nothing less.

The negative, or as I call them - those who are terminally unhappy - have made their beds and chosen their lives -  Avoid them. 

They may have skills one can learn; do so, take advantage by all means. 

But that does not mean that you have to be like them, terminally unhappy.

  • Advance your skills and knowledge, take classes, read, get another degree. 

Hey I'm 56 and at 54 went back to school and got my F.A. ticket, now I'm working on my S.A.. 

Over the years have come a MLT and a R.T. tags, all directly applicable to the OR. 

  • Knowledge does not hurt.

Sorry about getting off on a rant, but again I do enjoy your e-zine/newsletter.

Keep writing and getting the message out .

Thank you once again!

John Eaton, CST/FA
Certified Surgical Technologist
First Assistant