Do You???

Do you tap into your
Surgical Tech Strengths?

I mean, do you really dig down and tap into your surgical strong areas???

If you don't, you are keeping yourself from a life of surgical tech happiness & success like you've never experienced.

Maybe you don't have to dig too deep to realize your strengths~

But, if you're like most people, you take for granted the God given potential that lies just beneath the surface of you "breaking out" and really developing yourself to go to the next surgical level...

If you really want to suceed in surgical technology, and even life for that matter, you've got to tap into your strength and develop yourself to the next level.

YOU CANNOT BE AFRAID to believe in & acknowledge your strong points!!!

It's funny because when I was teaching career readiness for surgical techs, one of the things I'd always say during the mock interview is:

"Tell me about your strengths"...

Very often I'd get a blank stare and a long moment of silence.

But on the other hand, when I said:

"Tell me about your weakness",

...they could go on and on....

This type of thinking is EXTREMELY common AND I'm guilty of it myself.

It's so easy for me to walk around thinking how I need to be better at this or should be better at that.

But to walk around and say, ya know, I'm really strong in this area or I'm really good at that...

Well, this just doesn't feel "normal"

Listen, if you are one of those people (like soooo many out there) who dwell upon your weak area, STOP RIGHT NOW!!!


Start dwelling upon your strong areas.

I know it sounds easy, & ya know something, IT IS!!!

BUT, it takes a little practice to develop and work your strentghs.

Here's a little exercise for you to develop your strong points:

Take out a blank sheet of paper or open up a blank doc on your computer.

Make a list of at least three strong areas and really start to develop those areas.

How do you develop them, well, here's an example:

If your strong area is:

1) Orthopedics - develop this area by teaching a new scrub ortho, or getting involved in the revisions, external fixator cases, trauma, etc....

If your strong area is:

2) Surgical Tech Math - develop this area by forming a study group at school and helping others, offer tutoring on the side, get into an online advanced math course, etc...

If your strong area is:

3) First Assisting - develop this area by getting your first assist certification, offer to stay late to assist in a case in need of extra hands, learn how to suture, etc....

If your strong area is:

4) Teaching - develop this area by helping the new instructor or the new scrub with their assignments, offer words of encouragment, go to teaching seminars, work on a teaching degree, etc...

If your strong area is:

5) School - develop this area by continuing your education while working in surgical technology, become a PA - RN - MD - Teacher , etc...

These are just 5 examples that came right off the top of my head & yours might just be one of those five or something completely different.

You see, your potential & development is only limited by how you think about your strengths.

Every single thing YOU think about as a weakness CAN be turned into a STRENGTH.

I once thought my poor grades in high school made me a "less than" intelligent person.

But I took my poor high school performance and motivated myself to want to do better.

AND, once I got into surgical tech school, I applied myself to wanting to do better and became an honor student of a U.S. Air Force Surgical Tech Program.

Now, I'm not bragging, I just believed in my potential & developed my strengths.

I took my prior experiences, wanted to do better, thought about "kicking butt" in ST school, and applied this thought process to develop the strong points that I never even realized I had...

And to think, I BARELY graduated from high school!!!

Listen, if I can do it you can do it too!!!

Trust in yourself!

Believe in yourself!!!


Develop yoour strenghts and pass it on!

Its all about believing, developing, and helping others do the same.

Stay positive, ask questions, study hard, keep learning, and pray. That's the solid foundation to build from and work your way into becoming the best you can be.

Until Next Time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

To get what we've never had, we must do what we've never done.