Surgical Technology - A Student's Perspective

written by Danyell Smalls, Surgical Technology Student
Technical College of the Lowcountry - Beaufort Campus
921 Ribaut Rd.
Beaufort, SC 29901

As current Surgical Technology students, everyone sitting in this classroom today is entering into a field that is in demand. 

According to the U. S. Department of Labor, the employment of scrub techs will increase by twenty seven percent or more through 2014. 

I have learned through research, a motivating speaker, and a very dedicated instructor that entering into the Surgical Technology career will offer myself and others many advantages including financial security. 

To begin with, the amount of money a Certified Surgical Technologist  will earn in his career can range anywhere from $23,940.00 to over one hundred thousand dollars a year. 

Many factors contribute to the huge gap in pay. 

First of all, the dedication a person has toward his career. Instead of just having a job, working to advance in the career by continuing in education or working more hours a week can affect your pay check greatly. 

Another way to hugely make a difference financially is experience. Working different cases and being exposed to different situations will help prepare anyone for anything. 

To add to that, with a career in Surgical Technology comes benefits. 

A surgical tech working in Orange County, California ranked in the 25% tile is making an average of $37,911.00.

A Surgical Technician working in Charleston, South Carolina ranked in the 25% tile makes an average of $32, 644.00. After adding in benefits like healthcare, disability, 401k, social security, that figure has now risen to $52,058.00 a year. 

In this career, it allows the scrub to support themselves as well as family members. 

Although I have talked about financial security as a Surgical Technologist it is not the most important thing. 

Taking care of the patients should be a scrub techs number one priority! 

With the right attitude and the willingness to commit to our career no one should ever have any problems financially. 

Thank you again Mr. Robert Prince for taking the time to read my summary and motivating myself and my classmates so greatly!

Danyell Smalls
Surgical Technology Student