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Surgical Tech Job Strategy

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Are you having difficulties finding a surgical tech job?

If you are, then you're not alone.

Now I don't mean that you're not alone as a surgical tech looking for a surgical tech job, what I mean is that you're not alone looking for a job in general.

With today's economy being what it is, the reality of finding a job is pretty gloomy.

But before you get all down & out about the job market, you have to realize that surgical techs are not like the rest of the job-seekers out there.

NOPE, surgical techs have a unique set of skills and training that most people don't have and will probably never attain.

We all know becoming a surgical tech is not easy, AND employers also know its not easy.

But once you become a surgical tech, finding a job is not always that easy either.

Let me give you some tips & advice about finding a job in surgical technology.


First you have to plant some seeds.


The seeds are resumes,
phone calls, 
follow-ups,  etc.


You will not find a position until & unless you submit, apply, and follow-up daily.

If you are sitting at home stressing about all of the money you spent on ST school, or worrying about your bills, and you just haven't found a job yet,,,,

Let me ask you this: 

How many applications or resumes have you submitted over the last week?

How many of you sent out yesterday?

How many have you submitted today?


Here's how most job-seekers look for work...

Most people will go online, fill out an application,
MAYBE even upload a resume AND
even a cover letter, and
then they'll check their email,
surf around on the net for a while,
grab the cell & text a few people,
then just sit back and start getting all
depressed or stressed out because the phone is not ringing....


DON'T BE LIKE most job-seekers!


Listen, if you treat your job-seeking work (and it is work) as a numbers game, you will find a job.

The more positions you apply for, the better your chances are in landing an interview.

Now, I'm not saying to just go out and aim for 500 applications a day.

In all reality, it takes time to fill out those on-line app's & upload a resume AND cover letter.

It really is a job just looking for a job...


But I'm telling you now,


You know, I recently heard about this college grad who just completed his masters degree in marketing.

Think about that, a Masters degree...

Think about how expensive that must have been and the college loans he has to repay...

Well, this guy was an outstanding grad, but after he graduated, he could not find a job for months.

He ultimately had to take a job in a mailroom of some large business (which happen to be an advertising firm) that he had applied to in the past for an ad exec postion.

Imagine that!

This guy had a MASTER'S degree in marketing and here he is working in the mailroom of an advertising/marketing firm.

It's not that the company didn't want to hire him as an ad exec, they just had no open ad exec positions anymore.

Well, to make a long story short, after a few months as a company mail-clerk, he ultimately landed a position as an account executive with the same ad firm he'd been delivering mail for.

The thing is, during his employment as a mail clerk, he'd network with people in the office as he delivered the mail, handing out a business card here and there with his credentials on it and he finally got his chance...

What's my point here?

Well, if you're having a tough time finding work as a surgical tech, you might just have to take any available position while you continue to network, apply, submit resumes, and ultimately get that first surgical tech job.


AND believe me, its not always going to be easy!


After I graduated ST school, about a hundred years ago, one of my first jobs was with a temp agency delivering hospital supplies around the hospital.

Imagine how it fell to be the honor grad of a military surgical tech program delivering packs to the operating room, especially with the EGO I had back then.

Every time I saw someone in scrubs it just made me want it even more.

Well, I kept delivering supplies and kept looking for a surgical tech job in my off time.

Ultimately I found employment and began my surgical tech career in full swing.

You know, its not always going to be easy finding and/or looking for work.

But you have to make yourself a promise and apply or submit for positions on a daily basis.

You might even have to take a position that is not exactly what you had in mind.

AND, you might even have to take a position that is not right across the street from where you live.

I've had ST jobs in the past where I'd have to drive two hours each way to and from the operating room.

When I was on call, I'd have the option of staying in the call room.


My point in all of this is to never give up!


Maybe you're at home feeling kind of down about not working in the operating room.

I can understand how you feel because I've been there.

But I've also been in positions in my life when I'd send out resumes and submit applications for weeks or months on end with no word from a single facility.

AND THEN SUDDENLY all of the seeds I planted started to flourish and the next thing you know I was being called in for interviews.

THEN, ultimately, I'd be in a position to have to make a decision and figure out which one to turn down.

Listen, the job market is bad right now.


But you have to hang in there and
keep submitting, applying, and following up...DAILY!


It's like Robert Dinero once told a friend of mine who was in the acting business; "Take a number and we'll eventually get to you"... (no, I have never met nor do I know DiNero & my friend actually met him at a big question & answer event in NYC)

Now I know you're not in the acting business, but submit your applications, upload your resumes, prepare a cover letter, and hold on to your number.

You will eventually be called.

Apply, submit, or follow up at least one time a day.

The more you make yourself available & known, the more you'll increase your chances of landing that surgical tech job.

AND don't forget about the employment tools and surgical tech jobs pages here.


Prepare, submit,,,
Prepare, submit,,,
Never Give Up!


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Until next time,

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

Surgical Tech Success Handbook