Hard CORE Facts
about Surgical Tech Traveling

Are you thinking about getting into the surgical tech travel world?

Wondering what it takes to be a ST traveler?

Have you been touching base with any of the travel companies for details?

Do you really know what it takes to be a surgical tech traveler?

Seriously, do you really want to be a Traveling Surgical Tech?

Maybe?    Not sure?   Thinking about it?   Yes?

If you eventually want to get SERIOUS about becoming a surgical tech traveler, the info on this page is going give you some HARD CORE FACTS about the world of surgical tech traveling.

Actually, I've been thinking about this particular newsletter for quite some time and I must say, it was slightly inspired by some of the emails I get from surgical tech's on all levels who have contacted a travel company or recruiter and have not gotten a response.


General Facts

As you know, these days across the nation, we all know & hear about how bad the economy is, how the job market has been affected, how so many people are unemployed, have lost their jobs, and/or are being forced to go back to school, especially to be trained in the medical field.

While the nature of the job market is pretty competitive & tough across the board, it seems that medical careers are often the most in demand.

However, although the medical field may offer more opportunities than most other career markets, this field can also be a very competitive market to enter.

NOW, I'm definitely not trying to discourage anyone from pursuing an education & career in surgical technology!

Rather, I'm simply trying to share the facts to the best of my knowledge.

Because of the overall nature of the job market, in some parts of the country surgical techs have also found themselves searching for ST employment.

And, because positions in your area might not be available or your facility has downsized leaving you without employment opportunities, many surgical techs turn towards the world of traveling.

It's interesting to me how the job market for ST's has fluctuated based on the economy, leaving ST's on all levels searching for work in their area...


...there are still facilities & areas out there across the U.S. who are in such dire need for ST's that they turn toward travel recruitment companies in order to fill vacant positions in the O.R.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you decide or need to find a travel position based on either the lack of ST employment opportunities in your area or simply because you want to reap the rewards, benefits, and experience of being a Traveler.

Let me tell you this, traveling as a ST across the U.S. was one of the BEST experiences of my life.

Not only did it make me a more skilled ST, but it also increased my surgical confidence on all levels, opened up other doors of opportunity, and ultimately made me a much more knowledgeable, well rounded, & marketable surgical tech.

I actually drove from the southeastern borders of the U.S. to the northeastern borders of the U.S. to  the end of the West coast and back again FOUR TIMES over a several year period.

AND, I did it all on travel contracts with every single perk & benefit the travel company offered.

However, back in the 90's when I was a traveler, the economy was different, the job market was healthier, and there weren't quite as many ST travel requirements and/or restrictions.




These days due to the competitive nature of the surgical tech travel world, there are some HARD CORE FACTS that you should be prepared with in order to increase your chances of getting that first travel assignment.



The Experience FACT...

Travelers are often required to have  AT LEAST one year of CURRENT O.R. experience & it is not uncommon for the CURRENT experience requirement to be at least two years.

This is primarily dictated by the facility who is in need of a surgical tech traveler & most often it's not the travel company or recruiter who sets these standards.

---> Travelers are often expected to be able to walk into a facility and scrub in ALMOST any service, instantly.

Facilities know the travel world is competitive & they set the experience requirements to get the best fit for their O.R. and most likely expect the ST to "hit the ground running"



The Certification FACT...

---> This is often due to facility and/or state requirements, and lets face it, certification & experience will definitely increase your odds.

More and more medical facilities require their scrubs on all levels to be certified in order to be employed & this is often a BASIC requirement for surgical tech travelers.

Get More Certification Facts Here          Get A Step By Step Certification Guide Here



Travelers Should Travel FACT...

---> Sounds pretty simple right...

Well, you'd be surprised how often I get requests from potential travelers who only want travel assignments in the same town where they currently live.

I don't get what some people are thinking about when they are looking for a travel assignment to work down the street...

You see, very often medical facilities will not employ a traveler who lives in the same town.

Travelers are often required to be AT LEAST 50 miles away from their "home base" in order to even be considered for a travel assignment.

If you want to travel and only plan to work down the street, I'd advise you to just go ahead down the street and apply for a staff position.

If you want to travel and don't plan to get certified, I'll be one of the first to tell you that the playing field for surgical tech travelers is very competitive and certification should be on the top of your list.

If you want to travel and don't have at least one year of experience, go ahead and get registered with the travel agencies, get the experience, and keep touching base with your travel recruiter until an assignment opens up.





Get More Certification Facts Here          Get A Step By Step Certification Guide Here


High Demand Fields which Include:

(these are in no specific order)
Orthopedics (esp totals)
Open Heart - CV

Register with a Travel Company

Contact your Travel Recruiter OFTEN...

Be Willing to TRAVEL...


Traveling is a great way to enhance your skills, develop your surgical resume, and see the US, all while earning a good salary and very often living rent free.

The opportunities of the surgical world are just waiting for you to meet them face to face.

Prepare yourself & Go For It!

Until Next Time~
Robert Prince, CST

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