Submissions Selected
Happy Mother's Day giveaway!

First of all, THANK YOU to all of the submissions
I received regarding the wonderful mom's out there.

It's taken me all week to go through the submissions 
from people all over the country.

AND, it wasn't easy making the choice based on the 
number of people who made submissions and the 
heartfelt words of love about the incredible mothers out there.

As a matter of fact, initially I was going to give away 
5 downloads, then I said 10, and I finally had to stop at 12...

To be quite honest, EVERYDAY should be mother's day!

So, without further ado, here are the 12 people 
who won a free download copy of the
 Surgical Tech Success Handbook.


Susan J.
Fishers, Indiana

Shane C., CST
Prescott, AZ

Beth S.
Port Washington, WI

Lise C., CST
Summerville, SC

Rifka H.
Huntington Beach, California

Becky R.

Darrin F. 
- U.S. Army -
Phoenix, AZ

Theresa E.
Round Rock, TX

Konicka B.
Hollywood, FL

Rachel P.
Boise, Idaho

Joyce B.
Franklin Square, New York

Clearwater, Florida

Thank you all once again for submitting your comments.

 It's nice to hear how much your mom means to you all!

Until Next Time~ 

Your friend, 

Robert Prince, CST 


There's NO limit to God's favor in your life! 
Joel Osteen



Mother's are amazing! 

It's just that simple!

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