A New Year's Message
from Robert Prince


As 2007 comes to an end, many of you are probably armed and ready with your 2008 new year's resolutions. AND many of you may be basing the resolutions for 2008 on the events of 2007,  i.e.;

--> joining a gym to shed those unwanted holiday pounds
--> paying off those credit cards
--> finding a new mate
--> getting rid of the current mate
--> being a better mate
--> start working on a new career
--> start working on advancing your current career
--> going back to school
--> study more
--> getting more organized
--> starting a budget
--> saving money
--> relaxing more
--> eating healthier
--> or to simply improve yourself overall

On a personal note, one of my main New Year's Resolutions is to continue to work on improving myself and walk more confidently in faith...

Whatever YOUR new year's resolutions are, 
don't be too hard on yourself.

If 2007 did not work out the way you hoped, let it go and trust that tomorrow and the coming year will be better than yesterday and the last year.

Live every day with the excitement, faith, & 
courage to move yourself forward!

I truly want to wish all of you the love, health, happiness, success, and freedom that you can possibly imagine.

Have a safe and



Robert Prince, CST
Author & Board Certified Surgical Technologist
Founder & CEO SurgicalTechSuccess.com