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As many of you know, I'm a firm believer in "self-improvement".


Now, before you get all nervous and think;
"Oh boy, here he goes again giving me that
you can if you think you can sermon"....



Although I truly believe that you can improve your life by the way you think, this time I'm simply going to GIVE to you the next logical step for you to move up the career ladder & give you an absolute DEFINITE way for you to improve your life & make more money!!!




  • In this self improvement newsletter I have one basic self-improvement question & then I'll give you the one basic self improvement answer!


  • I also have a BIG, VERY BIG, announcement that may possibly change the course of your life & improve your situation forever.


Let me ask you one question to get your brain circulating some of those active thinking, self improvement chemicals.


What would you like or NEED to do in order to improve your life?


Now, think about it for a second...

What one area in your life needs a little self improvement?

Are you thinking about it?

Ok, good!

When most people think about improving their life & the steps to get there, the first thing that comes to mind is MONEY!


That's right, most people will say YES, I want to improve my financial situation.


Now, this is perfectly normal & entirely fine to think of self improvement on a financial level.


Do YOU want to improve YOUR income?


I'm sure your answer is going to be an affirmative YES!

Even the richest people in the world think about improving their lives by improving their income.

That's right, even millionaires enjoy making more money so they can improve their financial portfolio & ALSO so they can help others.


Ok, Ok, I promised to keep this short...


Well, in a nutshell, a couple of years ago I went to a self improvement seminar called the "Freedom Factor".

AND the basic theme of this Freedom Factor self-improvement seminar, was the way they really focused on teaching us to:

 "Take The Next Logical Step"


So, there you have it!


Basic Self Improvement Question:

What is the next logical step to improve your lifestyle?



Basic Self Improvement Answer:

First Assisting!


No matter what level you're at in your career, one of the next logical self improvement career steps is to become a first assistant.

Are you interested?

If so, GREAT!!! Read MY BIG Announcement...


Now, MY BIG Announcement:


I have recently partnered with a PREMIER FIRST ASSISTING INSTITUTE and I will be acting as your liaison between you & taking the next logical step to improve your career.

However, I need to know how interested you are in improving & increasing your income, career level, education, & satisfaction.

Click First Assisting to find out how you can improve your current situation.

Now, how's that for short & to the point!

Here's to your self improvement success!

Until next time,

Your friend

Robert Prince, CST

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