Robert's Personal Holiday Thoughts

Well, another Christmas has come and gone.

It always amazes me how fast Christmas is here and how quickly everything is over.

If you're like many other people, Christmas has a lot of different meanings.

Maybe it's all about being nice to your friends and family while spoiling them with love & gifts this one day of the year.

Maybe it's all about the decorations, lights, holiday treats & food, the snow, or just the general feeling of are blessed..

Maybe it's about realizing the true meaning of Christmas and remembering Jesus.

Maybe it's all about the gift giving.

Maybe it's just reflecting on the year that has just past and realizing how fast it actually flew by...

Whatever the spirit of Christmas means to you, I hope you have found time to reflect on the blessings in your life.

You know, as much as I love the true meaning of Christmas, there are a couple of things that tend to get to me during this time of the year.

While the lights and festive mood and all of the excitement & energy that Christmas brings is simply AWESOME, I find that people tend to get wrapped up in the overall commercialization of the season.

Stress levels seem to be amplified as people often try to give beyond there means to celebrate this glorious day of the year.

Although I feel that Christmas is a special day of remembrance, I also have seen & experienced how people use this one day of the year as one of the few days, if not the only day, to share their love and appreciation for others in their life.

Now, before you think I'm some kind of old grouchy scrooge, please give me the benefit of the doubt and read on....

The way I see things is like this:

We should appreciate the people in our lives on a daily basis.

While Christmas may be that one day of the year when it all comes together, we should remember to show our love and kindness to those around us on a daily basis.

If I could impart one thing to you from my personal feelings, that would be to give to & love on those around you regularly.

So, my advice to you as the New Year is approaching, which will surely be full of new resolutions, is to make every day as special & important as you just made Christmas.

Love daily, give daily, laugh daily, learn daily, & remember on a daily basis that this life is not a rehearsal.

Before you know it, 5, 10, 20, or 50 years will have past and the greatest regret of life will be to look back and wish you would have given more, done more, or been more loving.

Make every day count!

Don't keep dreaming about what might be.

Take action and do as much as you can with today.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed and yesterday can never be changed!

you are blessed...



Take this moment right now to tell someone how much you appreciate them




Take this moment right now to tell someone how much you love them




Take this moment right now to find at least one thing you are blessed by




Take this moment right now to realize how special & unique YOU truly are




Take this moment right now to share a positive word with somebody you come into contact with today




Take this moment right now to enjoy the fact that you can take this moment right now to make a difference in somebody's life as well as your own




I truly hope your Christmas holiday was a special day full of blessings & love and I sincerely hope my heartfelt words has touched at least one person out there.

AND, I will pray that we will all be kinder, more loving and giving to those around us every day, all the time.

Thank you for being a part of my life and for allowing me to come into yours.

May God Bless you with love, peace, & happiness.

Until next time~

Your friend always,