Laparoscopic Surgical
Interactive Simulation Training


Cognitive surgical simulation training is now available for surgical technology programs and surgical assistants! 

Learn the basics of laparoscopic surgical procedures at a fraction of the time and cost! Red Llama’s SimPraxis™ surgical interactive simulation training focuses on all the cognitive aspect of surgery:

  • Operating room set up
  • Patient preparation and positioning
  • Instrument Selection
  • Anatomy
  • Procedure step sequencing
  • Major causes of errors and complications
  • Surgeon and assistant roles
  • Assessment of skills and knowledge at every step


This is an engaging and realistic simulation of the laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure that runs on the personal computer.

Sophisticated interactive video and audio techniques are used to create this exciting self-paced learning opportunity. It is ideal learning for surgical technologists because it allows the individual to fit this rich learning experience into their busy schedule and focus on those specific areas needing more time and attention.

At the end of this training the surgical technologist will understand all the cognitive components of the procedure, be able to discuss all aspects of the procedure with the entire surgical team, and be more confident as they enter the operating room.

The Assessment feature allows for individual assessment of learning progress and competency at every step of the training.

You can learn more and see a demonstration by visiting the Red Llama web site at

We recommend downloading and watching the 4 minute video with QuickTime, or as an alternative you can also view a lower resolution version on YouTube. 

Red Llama offers discounts to individual surgical technologists, surgical technology classes and programs and teaching institutions. For pricing information please contact us at