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The Surgery of Pierre Franco
New Book Introduces Great Historical Surgeon
to readers for the first time in English

The Surgery of Pierre Franco
New Book introduces great historical surgeon to readers for the first time in English

San Francisco, CA – (Release Date TBD) – Only a few modern authors of surgical history in English have touched Pierre Franco, one of the world’s greatest surgeons in history. Even until now, Franco’s achievements in the field of medicine and history remain unknown to readers of English. In his quest to give readers an in-depth focus at the life and times of the great surgeon, author Leonard D. Roseman, M.D., presents his translation of the French Edition of the book The Surgery Of Pierre Franco.

Readers will discover that Franco was one of three great surgeons of the 16th century. All three of them learned their skills as apprentices to other lay surgeons and barber surgeons in civil practice and on the battlefields. Franco was skilled in the treatments for hernias, bladder stones, cataracts and complicated obstetrics. His descriptions are meticulous and complete. What makes this book interesting is its in-depth research on the famed surgeon as well as details behind his techniques, all of which are presented in English for the first time ever.

The Surgery Of Pierre Franco will fascinate readers who are interested in medical history, surgical education and French history. For your reading and research needs, be sure to get a copy of The Surgery Of Pierre Franco online at today. 

About the Author

Dr. Rosenman is a retired surgeon and professor of surgery in San Francico, California. He has provided English translations of seven of the eight seminal treatises written between 1170 and 1330 A.D. which reintroduced the art into Europe before the epoch of the Great Plague. With this translation of a treatise by one of three great surgeons of the 16th century, we can see how the art of practical surgery came to be dominated by the barber-surgeons while the academics of medicine and surgery were wasting their energies in battles for turf.

The Surgery Of Pierre Franco * by Leonard D. Rosenman, M.D.
An English Translation
Publication Date: March 1, 2006
Trade Paperback; $28.99; 655 pages; 1-59926-388-2 * Cloth Hardback; $38.99; 655 pages; 1-59926-389-0

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