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Are YOU Wasting Yours?

If the following newsletter sounds familiar, please note, this is not based on one single conversation or email I've had or received from an individual.

Rather, this is based on countless conversations I've had with surgical professionals over the years.

I ask that you read this with an open mind and follow up with me with your thoughts or comments~


Do you realize that there is a very common & "main" reason surgical techs & many other working surgical professionals never move up or progress in their surgical career?

Yep, there seems to be one common element that appears to prevent surgical techs on all levels from moving forward.

Are you ready for this?

It might sound a bit crazy to you and it might not make sense at first, but if you read this entire page, you may have an entirely different outlook at the end.

The one underlying element that appears to be one of the most common reasons I hear from surgical techs on all levels about why they do not want to do something that will propel them up the career ladder is:  TIME

Yep, that's right...

TIME is one of the most common reasons I hear from surgical techs on all levels about not making a move forward.


Let me Explain:


You know, no matter where you are in your life, professionally or personally, time is something we all have EXACTLY an equal amount of.
(stick with me here, you will love the point I'm getting to)

Think about this for a moment; as rich & successful as Donald Trump or Bill Gates or President Obama  are, they all have EXACTLY as much time in a day as you have.

Not one minute more or one minute less.

AND how about that rich & successful surgeon you see driving the Range Rover or Bentley or Porsche or BMW or Lexus...

No matter what kind of THINGS they may have, they ALL have EXACTLY the same amount of time in a day as you do.

How about that..,,, pretty amazing huh..?
(really now, stick with me here, you really will love the point I'm getting to)

We are all on an equal playing field when it comes to time in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, and months in a year.

The only thing we don't have control over is how much time we actually have in our lifetime simply because there is not a single person on this planet who knows when that last minute will actually come.


SOOoooo, what's my point...
You may be wondering...???


WELL, as many of you know, one of my primary goals is to see you succeed as a surgical tech!

You have no idea how much pleasure & excitement I get out of reading an email from a new surgical tech student who emails me a year later to tell me they graduated from ST school.

OR how thrilling it is when I'm consulting with a potential surgical first assistant student who commits to the FA Program.

BUT the one thing that really disheartens me a bit is when I correspond with an individual who tells me, "Oh, that will just take too much time..."

Yep, that just kills me sometimes because that person has no idea how much they are limiting themselves based on "TIME"

But, ya know something, I can't really blame them since society tends to push the "quick & easy", the shortcuts & the fastest way here & quickest way there.

People in general tend to get caught up in the quick fix and instant gratification.

And then when something comes along that somebody is interested in for the obvious benefits, i.e. a higher education, AND they find out it won't come with the click of a button, people tend to back up and move on to the next quick fix, only to continue this cycle until TIME has been exhausted for days, weeks, months, & years.

Listen, if you want to move your surgical career forward, you have got to make a commitment and take it one step at a time.

Whether you plan on becoming an expert in orthopedics as a surgical tech or you plan to continue your education and proceed on to First Assistant School, RN school, PA school, or  med school, you have absolutely no other option but to put in the time.


AND something about time that amazes most people is how quickly it passes & how easy it is to waste.


Have you ever asked somebody what they are up to and they respond by saying: "Oh, I'm just killing time"....

That is a fact, most people tend to kill one of the most valuable elements we have in our lives.

All of a sudden its 1, 2, 5, 10 or even 20 years later and the thoughts of "Oh, if I would have...I'd be....."


Listen to me, please!


Time is going to pass no matter what you do or how you do it.

If you want to move your surgical career to the next level, get off of the "it's too much time" kick and move into the direction that will help you succeed.

Most people have absolutely no idea the God given potential we all possess until its 20 years later and we realize suddenly what we could have done or become with our lives.


There's an old saying that goes something like this:
 "Life is not a dress rehearsal"....

Think about that for a moment.

Life is a one act play and you are the star,


There might be thousands of different scenes but all in all we have one life and the time we all possess in a given day is exactly the same.

If you are stuck in a rut in surgery, or in life for that matter, take the time to educate yourself and move up the career ladder.

Whether its putting in some overtime to become more proficient to be a more marketable traveler or its signing up for an online course to start working on your degree, the longer you wait the less likely you will do it, and the more time will pass filled with the "I could haves"...


There is HOPE!


One of the quickest ways to advance your surgical career is through first assistant training, either as a surgical tech or as an RN.

Did you know that you can become eligible to sit for the CFA exam in as little as 12 - 16 months?

Imagine what you could do with your surgical career & the potential increase in your finances as a recognized Certified First Assistant in surgery.

Did you know that you can get through RN school in as little as 18 - 24 months?

RNFA's also have the potential to make really big money & work almost anywhere in the country.


Young vs Older


Listen, if you're one of the younger readers, years may seem like an eternity...but they will pass quicker and quicker the older you get.

Think for a moment what life was like when you were 15.

While that may have been only a few years ago, it probably seems like yesterday~

If you're one of the older readers, think about where you were 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago.

Trust me, I know how 20 years ago seems like only yesterday.

Believe me, I speak from experience about how easy it is to waste time & think about the "I could have's"

If you can get one thing from this particular newsletter, start taking action on moving your surgical tech career up the career ladder.

Take a moment & look into the options I've discussed here.

Whether you want to become a Private Scrub, Traveler, CFA, RN, PA, or MD, start putting in the time now to learn what you have to learn and you'll look back in as little as 12 months from now with pure growth and more opportunities.

Get all the CFA info you need here: Surgical First Assisting Info

If you want to look into other medical career training options, take a look here: Medical Career Training

Finally, on a very personal note, this surgical tech newsletter/article is sent out to literally thousands of subscribers AND if it can make a difference in at least one life;  Mission Accomplished!

Thank you for your TIME!

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

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