Surgical Tech Introduction

Surgical Tech training can put you in a position to have complete financial and personal control for the rest of your life!

If you want to work in the medical field in a career that is solid & stable, AND has the potential to lead into other great medical careers, Surgical Technology is an excellent choice.

As a Surgical Tech, you will be working as part of a team in the operating room setting up for/and assisting on surgeries. The surgical tech is one of the team members who helps to set up and prepare everything the surgeon will need to perform a wide variety of procedures and then assists the surgeon and his team during the operation. Surgical Technology is not just another job!

One of the main goals of this handbook is to prevent you from getting stuck in “just another job”. Becoming a surgical tech is not just another dead end emotionally draining job, unless you want it to be!

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Surgical Techs can make BIG MONEY and have an incredibly successful career IF you are prepared and informed.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a Surgical Tech, then you’ve come to the right place.

This handbook is the ultimate resource and survival guide for anybody thinking about becoming a Surgical Tech.

Whether you’re a Surgical Tech Student, New Graduate, Instructor, experienced scrub, or just thinking about a career as a surgical technologist, this handbook is your number one resource.

As a Military trained surgical technologist, founder & CEO of, and seasoned veteran in the world of surgery, I’ve put together a complete reference and “how to guide” dedicated to the success of the Surgical Technologist.

The Surgical Tech Success Handbook is designed to provide students, new grads, potential students, and veterans with an inside look at the world and opportunities of Surgical Technology. 

After reading this handbook you will be educated about a career and opportunities in the operating room. 

Sometimes it’s not real pretty and sometimes it can be very overwhelming, but these are the facts about Surgical Technology and becoming a Surgical Technologist.

Inside the Surgical Tech Success Handbook:

  • You will discover how surgical techs are making $Big Money$
  • You will discover if you're the "right type"
  • You will know how to Choose & Interview the Right School
  • You will be introduced to Surgical Tech Career Opportunities
  • You will understand the Attitudes in the operating room
  • You will understand whether or not you should specialize
  • You will learn my Secret Employment Strategy
  • You will understand why feeling OVERWHELMED is normal
  • You will discover the facts about a career in surgery!
  • You will learn how to be successful in the operating room!

Not only will you discover if a career as a Surgical Tech is what you're looking for, but you will learn how to take your surgical technology training and use it to promote and enhance a career that has the potential to make you some very serious money!

The Surgical Tech Success Handbook will walk you through the world of the surgical technologist and teach you things you didn’t learn in the classroom and give you the facts before you even talk to your first surgical tech school.

It will take you from potential student, to student, to new graduate, to employment, and to career advancement.

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Surgical Tech students, potential students, and new graduates will find this handbook to include facts and explanations about being a surgical tech. 

AND, you will also have an insiders guide on how to develop a career as a surgical tech while getting valuable information about career advancement and the nationwide opportunities.

Plus, I have included additional resources for:

Surgical Tech Schools

Certification Information

Job Searching 

Employment Tools 

Educational tools, resources, & references


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Surgical Tech Success Handbook



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