Surgical Technology
is one of the fastest growing medical careers today!

As a Surgical Technologist, you will be working as part of a team in the operating room setting up for/and assisting on surgeries.

The surgical tech is one of the team members who helps to set up and prepare everything the surgeon will need to perform a wide variety of procedures and then assists the surgeon and his team during the operation.

From brain surgery to fixing broken bones,
from preparing the patient
to setting up surgical equipment,
from passing instruments
to holding retractors & cutting sutures,
the surgical technologist plays
an extremely important role in the operating room.

When working in surgery, the Surgical Technologist is also called a:

  • Surgical Technician

  • Surgical Tech

  • Scrub Tech

  • Operating Room Technician

  • O.R. Tech

Maybe you’ve seen a surgical tech in action on a TV show or in a movie. You know, the person passing instruments when the doctor says “clamp”.
That's a surgical technologist!

Often, the role of the surgical tech is mistaken for the person who ONLY passes instruments.

Well, as a Surgical Technologist,
you will be doing more than just passing instruments!

The surgical tech is directly involved in patient care.
He/she is one of the key members on the operating room team.

One of the first people a patient will see
when being taken into the operating room is the surgical tech.

You will be dressed in surgical attire with a mask on and you will probably be busy setting up your instruments, tables, and supplies for the case, but you are directly involved with the care of that patient.

You will learn about:

different surgical procedures from open heart surgery to hernia repairs,

from broken bones to brain biopsies,

surgical sterile technique,

surgeons preferences,

medical terminology,

surgical supplies,

operating room etiquette,

surgical instruments & equipment,


patient positioning,


and the role of each member of the operating room team -
just to name a few.

Surgical Technology is a specialty field that requires specific
medical and technical training.

Surgical tech schools are popping up everywhere. They can range anywhere from a few months in length to 2 years.

Programs usually offer a certificate, diploma, or an Associates Degree.

Tech Programs can be found at Technical Schools (private & public), Community Colleges, Hospitals, & the US Military.
There are even some schools that offer a program on-line.

But you shouldn’t enroll in a program until you know exactly what to look for!

So, what’s it all about?

Well, let's put it this way:

If you want a specialty career in the medical field

that doesn't require years and years of study,

has a ton of flexibility,

offers room for career advancement,

is rewarding, challenging, and educational,

then Surgical Technology may be right for you!


Stop wondering and get all the facts about the training, career,
career advancement, and lifestyle of a
Surgical Tech right here!

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