Surgical Tech Professionals

Surgical Tech Pro's!

Hmmm, what does that really mean to YOU?


I mean do you truly & sincerely want a successful career in surgery?

The reason I ask is because sometimes I'm really amazed, and quite honestly saddened at times, when I see how little effort people in the surgical tech world are willing to put into their own career success.

Many of you say you want career success as a surgical tech!

Many of you look for advice about career success as a surgical tech!

Many of you say you want to know how to increase your salary, travel, first assist, and move up the professional ladder as a surgical tech!

But I find that so many surgical techs on all levels out there are really just not willing to put in the effort to become successful in the surgical world.

Listen, there are plenty of people out there who are bitter and simply unhappy working in their chosen profession.

Sooo many people just hate what they are doing to make money in their current position.

Are you one of those people?

Do you really love what you are doing?

You know, one of the reasons this recently came to mind and got my fire going is because I was recently approached by a major medical device company to help recruit a couple of individuals specifically with a surgical tech background.

I received a lot of resumes and inquiries...


...that is when I got slapped in the face with the reality of how little effort people will put into moving up the career ladder or into a position they truly desire

I even wrote back to a few highly qualified candidates and suggested simple changes that would help present themselves on a more professional level.

Simple little changes like their email address or resume layout

What happened?

Literally nothing!

I mean I was trying to help someone out there land a professional position and I was getting responses with email addresses like "" and resumes with multiple colors, spelling errors, and absolutely no format.


Like I've said a thousand times;
If you're happy working as a surgical tech & don't want to do anything else...

Learn everything you can where you are & become the resource for others who want to get to your level.


If you want to move up into first assisting, or become an RN, or PA, or Educator...AWESOME!!!

Check out & move forward with the steps required to get that additional education.


No matter what you have in mind & no matter where you see yourself going with your surgical experience & education YOU CAN GET THERE by simply putting in a little extra work & effort.

It's really that simple~


If you see yourself as a professional in a field with other opportunities and options, then all you have to do is formulate a plan, put in a little extra effort, and simply move forward.

Believe me, the opportunities are out there and the average person in your field will not take the time or put in the effort to move into the position they really desire.

That's actually good news for you because if you are an achiever and want to move forward into a successful and lucrative career, the average person will not challenge you.

I challenge you to go above and beyond average and be the best that you are meant to be!


You might be saying....
Robert is really being hard on us here....


Listen to me please, I truly speak from the heart and decades of experience in and around the surgical world.

I've been working with and around surgical techs on all levels for over 20 years & I have learned a few things about the surgical world and what it takes to be successful.


I've met ST's who love their careers and
 have turned their surgical experience into
annual incomes.


AND I've met ST's who just don't want to get up in the morning to deal with the O.R.

SERIOUSLY, if you truly want a successful career in surgery you have got to put in more effort than the average person who is simply punching the clock, waiting for their breaks, avoiding challenging cases, taking long lunches, and waiting for their relief to show up exactly on time to get off work.


Trust me on this, there are positions out there that you, as a surgical tech, can work your way into that is far above an hourly wage,


to prove that you are above average...


I'm sure you'll notice my site is not full of "bells & whistles" and its not even that "pretty"...BUT...IT'S LOADED with resources and success tips!

Employment tools:

Career Success news & articles:

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And the list goes on and on....

Just take a look at the navigation bar and simply browse around on this site.

Are you willing to put in a little more effort than the average person out there to have a successful surgical career?

If so, I invite you to utilize the tools and resources you'll find all over this website to help propel your career as a surgical professional to the next level.

Rarely if ever do you receive an email from from me asking you to buy the  Surgical Tech Success Handbook, but it has definitely helped many surgical techs on all levels.

I've spent years into putting info on this site and have utilized the resources I've found, met, spoken to, and learned from over the last 20plus years in and around the surgical world to try to help you succeed in this profession.

You know, there are going to be plenty of people who read this particular article and will dismiss it instantly.

That's fine!

The average career will most likely be an unhappy J.O.B. but the successful career will most likely be a rewarding profession.

Don't be one of those people who are looking for career success to knock on your door and invite you in without putting in the extra effort to really stand out and shine as a true surgical professional.

I sincerely hope for you all the career success & happiness I hope for myself.

Until next time...

Your friend,



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