Surgical Technologist Professional

Surgical Technologist Professional

by Tom Walker, CST

ATTENTION fellow Surgical Technologist:

In the world of professionalism, your surgical & medical peers are judging you on a professional level. 

If a Surgical Technologist wants to be considered as a medical professional by administration, employer, and their fellow employees, they need to start by examining themselves.

Are you certified?

Are you a member of a professional organization?

Are you currently keeping up with your continuing educational units, (CEU)?

Are you attending any educational workshops or seminars to maintain or increase surgical skill knowledge?

Are encouraging your fellow Surgical Technologist to join you in educational learning?

Does your medical facility have an assigned educational coordinator dedicated to help the Surgical Technologist receive educational information?

Did you know that you could be a BLS instructor?

If you have not answered yes to four or more of these standard questions, should you be considered a Surgical Technologist Professional? 

Bottom line is in order to be considered & respected as a medical professional, you must become a professional in your chosen field.