Surgical Tech Scrubs & Supplies

Surgical Tech Students often need to buy their own scrubs AND they 
DEFINITELY need a good pair of scrub shoes!

You will always need to purchase your own scrub shoes &
there are even times when hospital scrubs are also required uniforms to purchase

With over 2 million items in stock including medical scrubs, 
Zappos offer the best shoe selection anywhere
-- online or offline
They add new styles to their site on a daily basis so that 
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Their warehouse currently houses over 2 million pairs of shoes, including O.R. CLOGS

It seems that the majority of hospitals I've worked in and know about, offer scrubs to their surgical employees at no charge.

There are even regulations or bylaws about wearing scrubs into the operating room.

But like I said, whether it's common or not, there are facilities that require you to walk in with your scrubs and take them home to wash.

Whatever your situation, this page will help you find  hospital scrubs, Surgical Clogs, & other supplies.

Unless you have a uniform store nearby or your school supplies your scrubs, check out the scrub sites on this page and stay tuned for more scrubs and supplies coming soon.

If there's a particular product you'd like to see on our site;

Please send us a customer service inquiry with your ideas or suggestions.

If you don't see anything that meets your needs, feel free to do a Google Search here:


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