Surgical Tech Success Handbook Table of Contents

surgical tech success handbook t.o.c.

Table of Contents


Section 1
Surgical Technology - What’s It All About?

Section 2
Lifestyle of the Surgical Tech
Flexibility of Position
Hours of Work
Career Opportunities

Section 3
Let’s Talk About the Money

Section 4
What Makes a Good Surgical Tech?
Do you have what it takes? 

Section 5
Choosing the Right Surgical Tech School or Program

Section 6
Getting The Most out of Surgical Tech School

Section 7
Post Graduation
What to do after Surgical Tech School

Section 8
Surgical Tech Employment
My Secret Strategy Revealed!

Section 9
Your Surgical Resume
Resume Resources

Section 10
The Surgical Tech Interview
Interview tips & techniques

Section 11
In The Beginning of Your Surgical Tech Career
“By The Book”
Feeling Overwhelmed

Section 12
Surgical Conscience

Section 13
Positive Surgical Tech Habits

Section 14
To Specialize or Not To Specialize
Deciding whether or not to specialize in a Surgical Specialty

Section 15
Surgical Tech Career Opportunities

Section 16
Surgical Attitudes

Section 17
Basic Descriptions of Operating Room Positions

Section 18
About the Author

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