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Have you ever thought about why your career might not be moving forward? 

Have you ever wondered why your path is not leading you down a successful road? 

Do you realize how much your peers can affect the outlook & progress of your career? 

That's right, your peers may very well be the reason your career is not moving forward. 

NOW I don't want you to think that I'm telling you to blame others for your career circumstances. 

BUT I do want you to be aware that your surgical peers do have an impact on your outlook and possible advancement. 

There was a time in my career when I thought everything just stunk. 

I mean I was making 10 bucks an hour, barely able to pay my bills, walking around the O.R. with a little chip on my shoulder, and overall just not very happy working in surgery. 

AND my particular O.R. friends seem to all be in the exact position, having the same feelings and outlook. 

We'd even get together after work for little social events and complain about other staff members, our schedules, our case loads, the way the O.R. was run, our call times, etc... 

But then as I grew older & my experience started to expand I began meeting (and noticing) surgical techs who were actually happy and successful in the O.R. 

Even at a stage with a little more wisdom and experience under my surgical belt, I just couldn't understand how they were so happy and content in surgery. 

I can remember a time in my career when I met a surgical first assistant who started out as a surgical tech. 

This guy was always smiling and never seem to be bothered. 

At first I just thought there was something wrong with him... (lol) 

But then one day I started talking to him about his career as an assistant and found out that he was a surgical tech for a number of years and decided to become a surgical first assistant in order to create his own schedule and career. 

He even started his own surgical first assistant group. 

Wow, I thought this was pretty cool. 

This guy really amazed me being so happy and content in the O.R. 

He really opened up my eyes to an new -refreshing attitude-. 

And it seem the more I worked with this particular person the more my attitude started to change for the better. 

And the more my attitude started to change for the better the more I noticed OTHER happy people in the O.R. 

And the more I noticed other happy people in the O.R. (I think you know where I'm going here...) 

And so the cycle begins.... 

You see, the people I was hanging out with early in my career were having an indirect affect on my outlook which ulitimately kept me at one level. 

But when I started associating with more positive and productive surgical professionals, I became one too. 

Listen, your peers DO have an affect on you and your attitude. 

It doesn't matter if your an experienced surgical pro, a student, educator, advisor, traveler, M.D., PA, RN, etc. 

The people you tend to gravitate towards will affect you whether you realize or not. 

So, if you really want to be a succesful surgical professional here are a few tips: 

1) Take a look around you and try to notice the positive, upbeat, motivating, and happy surgical professionals. 

2) Avoid O.R. (or student) gossip 

3) Don't turn every issue into an issue... 

4) Avoid the negative Ned's of the O.R. 

5) Be aware of the surgical company you keep... 

Now, I'm not saying to become some type of snob or develop an attitude of "better than". 

What I am suggesting is to spend most of your career time with the pro's who are happy, professional, positive, and knowledgeable. 

You know, some of my closest friends still see the darkness on the brightest of days but I love them anyway. 

The thing is, I've been around the block a few times and I can keep certain pesonality aspects of others at bay. 

It is always much easier to gravitate towards the "nay-sayers" and negative Ned's. I mean they don't have to think much about anything because they are always looking for something to complain about. 

The successful, knowledgeable, and happy surgical professionals have taken the time to really know their job inside and out. 

AND they are the O.R. people you want to work with and learn from. 

Trust me, there are plenty of people working in the O.R. who struggle to make it through a shift for one reason or another. 

You can be one of the surgical pro's who look forward to everyday in surgery as a challenge and learning experience. 

Looking forward to the next day at work is an incredible feeling. 

Avoid the little "career stomping" traps of your profession and you'll be rewarded in the long run. 

Want to know more about Negative Ned? 

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As always, feel free to contact me anytime, I am always here to help you in any way possible~ 

Until Next Time~ 

Your friend, 

Robert Prince, CST 


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