The small World of Surgery

The world of surgery really is quite a small community.

You'll be surprised how you will run into a surgical professional on the east coast who knows somebody you worked with in an operating room on the west coast.

My point is that you tend to realize the surgical community is just that, a community.

Anywhere you meet another surgical professional, or any medical professional, you'll have something in common.

That's what builds a strong community.

As a surgical tech you should think about getting involved in your profession.

There are many ways to become more involved with your surgical profession and within the surgical community.

A perfect example of surgical community involvement is the:

World Surgical Foundation, inc

When you have a moment check out the World Surgical Foundation and see how the medical professionals dedicated to this type of humanitarianism are excellent role models for getting involved within the surgical community.

Being a member of the small world of surgery is really like belonging to a giant medical family.


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