Surgical Techs can Make BIG Money

One of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a surgical tech is "HOW MUCH?"

How much do (and can) surgical techs make????

BUT, before I get into this subject, just remember something I know you've all heard me say a time or two "Do Not Focus on The Money in the beginning of your career", "Focus on the Experience"...

OK then..., if you are one of those people who want to know "~How to Make Big $~" then keep reading

It's funny because some people say money makes the world go 'round...

While others say the love of money is the root of all evil...

And then there are others who say money can't buy happiness....

Yet some will challenge that one by saying I'd rather be rich & unhappy instead of broke & unhappy...

Listen, whatever your take on money is, the bottom line is that most of us need it to survive.

We need money to pay bills, buy food, put gas in the car, etc.

BUT, I'm not here to tell you why you may or may not need money.

RATHER, I'm going to shed a little light on the NUMBER ONE ASKED question I get from my website:

How much money does (and can) a Surgical Tech make?

Based on my experience working in surgical technology since the 1980's AND traveling from coast to coast working in small community hospitals, big trauma hospitals, teaching facilities, privately, through agencies, and of course on staff, I've seen the National average Surgical Tech Salary range from $10 an hour to $20ish an hour.

This has been the average salary range I've personally seen and been exposed to.

HOWEVER, an average salary should not dictate how much your ANNUAL SALARY can be.

Let me show you a little formula for getting a nice $15.00 hourly rate into the SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR RANGE$$$ :)

Ok then, lets take a very simple example.

Suppose you're making $15.00 hr and you are scheduled for a 40 hr work week.

Right off the bat that is $31,200 per year (based on 52 weeks)

Let's throw in 20 hrs of Over Time per week at Time & 1/2 = $22.50 x 20 = $450.00 = an additional $23,400.00 per year.

Ok, with 20 hrs of OT per week (which is only a few hours a day) that would bring the annual salary of $31,200 up to $54,600.00

Now, lets throw in three 8 hour call nights per week & two 48hr weekend call shifts per month.

That would = 2400 yearly call hours

If we estimate $3.00 per call hour, that would = $7,200.00 additional yearly.

At this point our annual salary has increased to $61,800.00

OK, I hope you're still with me here... :)

Let's say you get called in for 20% of your call hours at time and 1/2. That would = 480 hrs x $22.50 = $10,800.00

Add that to the yearly salary, and we end up with a nice big $72,600.00 yearly.

OK, OK, maybe you're going to say that your call pay is only $1.00 an hr, or your hourly rate is $12.50, or there is no call where you work, etc...

All of those are valid points and that's why I started out saying that the national average I've seen is what it is...

OR maybe you're going to say something like, "Who wants to work that hard, all of those call hours and weekends...???"

Yet another valid point.

BUT I'll tell you this, if you were to look at any professional out there making $70,000.00 and more per year, you'll most likely find those individuals working more hours, longer days, and even weekends to be in the top salary brackect of their chosen profession.

You see, my point here is to show you that it is possible to make big money as a surgical tech. It is not, however, possible to make it without working a little harder than the average Surgical Tech.

Also, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to say how much YOU will make simply due to the fact that several factors will always play a role in the "How Much$" part.

Factors suchs as location, type of facility, experience level, certification status, working agency or staff, etc., will always play a role in the how much.

If you go back and think about what you just read here, and you find money to be a motivating factor, I'd think you'll get a little excited about being a Surgical Tech.

The fact is BIG $ is possible as a Surgical Tech.

The fact is BIG $ will require you to work hard as a Surgical Tech.

The fact is, IF BIG $ were EASYas a Surgical Tech, all surgical techs would be rich...

If you want it, make a plan, get the experience, put yourself in the right location, and work hard.

It's out there and it's up to you to go get it $... :)

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Until next time~

Your friend,

Robert Prince, CST

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