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What THEY are saying about Surgical Career's!
They said I couldn't do it...<<read more>>

Surgical Career Excitement!
Why you should get excited about a surgical career...<<read more>>

Surgical Overload
How to deal with Surgical Overload...<<read more>>

Just A Surgical Tech?
Are surgical techs "Just a Surgical Tech?"<<read more>>

Surgical Career Success
Are you ready to make a difference?<<read more>>

Surgical Tech's, Think About IT!
What YOU think about a surgical career...<<read more>>

Surgical Tech's Wasting It?
Are you wasting it like so many other surgical...<<read more>>

A Criminal Record or Background?
Will a criminal background or record prevent you... <<read more>>

Because I CARE!!!
Do not get RIPPED off ...<<read more>>

The Next Logical Step
LIFE CHANGING 60 seconds<<read more>>

Surgical Tech Career Facts
"People vs. Job" & Your Surgical Tech Career
<<read more>>

Surgical Tech's Panic!
Surgical Techs talk about being EXTREMELY NERVOUS,  is this normal?<<read more>>

Are you too old?
Surgical Tech "OLD AGE" --Hard Core Facts!...<<read more>>

Surgical Tech's Needed???
As a surgical tech looking for a surgical tech job, you're not alone<<read more>>

New Surgical Option for Wrist Arthritis
Innovative Approach Reduces Pain, Improves Hand Function...<<readmore>>

SaferLasik Surgery?
A Surgeon is Investigating Corneal Cross Linking in High-Risk LASIK Eyes...<<readmore>>

Technology is revolutionizing the medicalfield with the creation of robotic devices and complex imaging...<<readmore>>

Botoxand Surgery
Thanks to an innovative surgical techniqueperformed by a UT Southwestern Medical Center plastic surgeon...<<readmore>>

Robots Lend a Helping Hand to Surgeons
Robot-assisted surgery inendoscopy, a type of minimally invasive surgery...<<readmore>>

BreastLift (mastopexy)
Abreast lift (mastopexy) is a procedure that not only raises the breasts higher...<<readmore>>

Microdermabrasionis a type of surgical skin resurfacing...<<readmore>>

Integrated Motion Preservation System ForSpinal Fusion...<<readmore>>

EyelidSurgery - Blepharoplasty
People have always been concernedabout the appearance of their eyes.

Heart Surgery for Atrial Fibrillation
High-energy clamp simplifies heart surgery for...<<readmore>>

Florida boy is state’s first to get newmechanical heart device designed for children...<<readmore>>

Florida boy doing well after receivingstate's first Berlin Heart Device...<<readmore>>

Rhinoplasty - Learn more about this unique cosmetic surgery procedure.<<readmore>>

10 Things You Need to Know about LasikSurgery....<<readmore>>

BreastAugmentation Pros & Cons
Is breast augmentation surgery the right option....<<readmore>>

This Robot Keeps the Surgeon Away 
Imagine emergency open-heart surgery being performed by a robot surgeon in an ambulance parked on a street...Readtwo informative articles - <<readmore ARTICLE  1>>
<<read more ARTICLE  2>>

Eye Surgeon from Florida will Teach Futuristic Eye Surgical Techniques in Mumbai
Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of eyesurgery Ophthalmologist Arun Gulani of Jacksonville, Florida- USA is forging new pathways to perfect vision...<<readmore>>

Cosmetic Surgery Vacations - Pain in Paradise
For years, it has been a common practiceto combine an exotic vacation with cheap plastic surgery...<<readmore>>

Breast Augmentation Surgery Incisions & Scarring
Different locations forBreast Augmentation incisions and their associated benefits and disadvantages...<<readmore>>

ArmenianAssociation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery
The Resident Library of the Plasticand Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery University Centre....<<readmore>>

MinimallyInvasive Approach can work for many Thyroid Patients
Get the "MinimallyInvasive Approach - Thyroid" story AND WATCH a LIVE WEB CAST of thisprocedure... <<readmore>>

GreatHistorical Surgeon - Pierre Franco
Pierre Franco, one of the world’sgreatest surgeons in book <<readmore>>

SurgeryWithout Scars
SAGES and ASGE are working together todevelop a new method of surgery performed without skin incisions. <<readmore>>

EndoscopicBreast Augmentation
A relatively new breast augmentationtechnique...<<readmore>>

SouthShore Orthopedics' new PA specializes in Sports Medicine
Read about theresponsibilities, education, outlook, and background of an 
Orthopedic PA -(Physician Assistant)

BlackstoneMedical, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall
Blackstone Medical, Inc.informed the FDA of a voluntary recall of its ICON™ Modular Fixation System. <<readmore>>

Kidsbehave and sleep better after tonsillectomy
A rigorous new study findsthat children who have surgery to remove their tonsils 
are very likely to behave and sleep better one year later.  

3DUltrasound Device, Minimally Invasive Surgery
Advance might lead to moreprecise and safer endoscopic surgeries  <<readmore>>

AFix for Failing Hearts
Operating on the structurecalled the mitral valve that regulates 
blood flow from the lungs to the heart 

ThePanta Arthrodesis Nail
An Innovative Solution forTibiotalocalcaneal Fusion  <readmore>>

Questionsto Ask Before Having Breast Surgery
One of the most importantthings to do prior to breast surgery...  <readmore>>

RelicsTell Dirty Tale of Doctors in Battle
Surgeons had littleunderstanding of modern-day antiseptics and sanitation, 
reused sponges on patient after patient, wiped their hands on messy aprons.... 
Surgeons tossed out amputated limbs on a growing pile outside the tent....  

Cheaperand Simpler Keyhole (Endoscopic) Surgery
Endoscopic surgery bringsmany advantages for patients...  <<readmore>>

Advancesin Shoulder Surgery
A combination of newsurgical techniques and methods that have been proven 
successful over the past decade is making shoulder surgery a good option  


Procedureto Remove Small Tumors Near Inner Ear Shows Promise at Preserving Hearing
A particular type of procedure was used to remove the tumors, 
which are known as acoustic neuromas or vestibular schwannomas
. <<readmore>>

MusicHelps Patients Relax During Surgery
For several years, a numberof hospitals have offered music to patients during surgery.  <<readmore>>

PlasticSurgeons Countdown First Full Facial Transplantation
The first partial facialtransplantation performed...  <<readmore>>

UTSouthwestern Doctors Test Robotic Surgeon for Laparoscopy
A $1.4 million robot, witha human at the controls, filters out tremor, enhances precision, 
offers three-dimensional imaging and eliminates the inverted manipulation of 
instruments usually required in laparoscopic procedures.

RoboticSurgery Update: Da Vinci Heart Surgery
Using the Da Vinci roboticsurgeon system, surgeons should soon be able to 
operate on the heart without stopping the beating. 

RobotSurgeons: For Prostate Cancer and Gastric Bypass?
Robotic surgeons may seemlike science fiction, but they are routinely helping 
human surgeons perform surgeries across the world. 

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