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Thank you for the newsletters, they make so much sense. Your suggestions are great. I will post this for the O.R. staff and my students. Have a good day.
        Mary J. - Surgical Tech Educator
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Your newsletter on Operating Room attitude is so true.
        G.M. - Surgical Tech Student 


Your newsletters have lifted me on many low days. I even share with my class, my Instructor shares your words too. 
Thank you again!
Shannon C.  - Surgical Tech Student

Your newsletters have been a source of inspiration. I took your words to heart & went back to what I really love doing. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for the nice job you do for all Surgical Techs out there.
        Mia - Surgical Technologist
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Your newsletter about Surgical Preceptors being such an important role in the operating room is absolutely correct.
Thank you again for the positively informative newsletter.
        Leah - Operating Room Nurse/Educator

I enjoy reading your news letter
Kindest regards.
        Gina - Surgical Tech Student

Thank you, great stuff!
        Melissa - Surgical Tech Educator

I wanted to thank you for your newsletters, I appreciate them so much. 
        Angie M. - Surgical Tech Educator

I really enjoy your information. Thanks. 
        Erin P. - potential student
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